Craft offerings: Artisanal NPD

Jun 2019

Big players are stepping into the craft food and beverage market, increasingly focusing on products with a premium look, distinctive ingredients, unique processing techniques and stories that inspire. Craft food & beverage launches have grown at an average rate of +17 percent globally between 2014 and 2018.


Colectivo Coffee Co-Optiva Farm Blend Coffee Beans (US). Co-Optiva is a celebration of the small scale farmers who are committed to growing high quality coffees. We've combined organic, single origin coffees produced by Fairtrade certified cooperatives to highlight the coffees sources through some of our long-standing relationships. With flavors reminiscent of chocolate and molasses, Co-Optiva is a full-bodied coffee with medium acidity, suitable for sipping all day, every day. Comes in a 340g plastic valve bag. Fairtrade certified. Roast: 3/5, Body: 3/5, Acidity: 3/5. Handmade, Certified organic by Onecert, Certified kosher, USDA organic.