NPD in action: Chocolate applications

Nov 2020

Organic and fair trade claims, and storytelling in particular, are increasingly used in chocolate applications to communicate transparency to the consumer. Besides red velvet, ruby chocolate and salted caramel, more exotic flavors are upcoming across a variety of chocolate applications, including matcha tea, cherry blossom and acai. Alcoholic drinks and sports nutrition are the fastest growing categories in which cocoa is used.


Brew York a Chocolate Story Chocolate Milk Stout (UK). Chocolatey and creamy milk stout with 4.8% alcohol by volume, in a 440ml aluminium can. To bring you this stout Brew York have teamed up with the guys from York Chocolate Story, which brings to life York’s iconic part in the history of chocolate in the UK and their friends from Walmgate Ale House, with whom they have worked closely since forming the brewery 4 years ago. Contains 4.8% alcohol by volume. Hops: CTZ (Bittering T90). Malts: Pale, Malted Oats, Munich, Brown, Chocolate, Torrefied Wheat, Carafa III. Chocolate rating: 5/5. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, natural vegetarian friendly beer. Contains 2.1 UK units. Recyclable packaging.