What's bubbling in beverages?

May 2023

According to Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends 2023 on beverages, “Redefining Value” leads the list, focusing on how consumers are willing to pay more for what they value most, despite rising inflation. Consumers would still compromise for brands that respond to their core values, which can be functional ingredients, sustainability, ethical causes, etc. Other key trends expected to influence the beverage industry are “Generational Push”, “Revenge Spending”, and “Unpuzzle Health”.


Woolworths Food Fantastical Fruity Berry Flavoured Chocolate Full Cream Milkshake (South Africa)

  • Ultra-pasteurized sweetened fruity berry flavored chocolate full cream milkshake, in a 275ml plastic PET bottle. 
  • Certified halal. No added preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. 
  • Recyclable bottle and cap.  
  • Responsibly sourced cocoa. By supporting Woolworths' responsibly sourced cocoa products, Woolworths are able to increase the positive impact on cocoa farmers and their families while helping to protect nature.