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Valio is a company owned by Finnish dairy farmers that secures milk production in Finland and the vitality of the nation's countryside by processing milk into tasty products that promote well-being.
Quality, expertise and responsibility have served as Valio's guidelines for more than a century.
Valio is a trailblazer in Finnish nutrition and an international pioneer of functional dairy products.
Valio products are made from the EU's cleanest milk and you can be certain of their origin and safety. Valio safeguards the environment employing recyclable packaging materials and re-usable trays.

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Food Ingredients News  10 October 2018

Meat-free innovation: Valio to showcase on-trend concepts and ingredients at SIAL

10 Oct 2018 --- Finnish-based dairy company, Valio, is set to unveil their latest food innovations and tailor-made ingredients solutions – including Valio MiFU, a new, milk-based alternative to meat – at SIAL Paris, later this month. Valio is addressing key upcoming food trends and creates solutions that manufacturers globally can adapt to local market needs. Valio’s products and food ingredients satisfy the demand for high quality, high protein and lactose-free dairy.

Food Ingredients News  21 June 2018

New protein sources: Valio eyes opportunity for meat substitutes using Finnish milk

21 Jun 2018 --- The popularity of meat substitute products has grown significantly in recent years and consumers, particularly millennials, have been keen to try out new ingredients and foods that answer the modern needs of flexitarian or vegetarian consumers. In response to these key trends, Valio has launched a protein source that is promoted as ideal for food preparation at home. Valio MiFU is a Finnish food innovation made from milk and can be used in recipes that call for meat or chicken.

Food Ingredients News  18 May 2018

Valio China establishes new business units for a growing market

18 May 2018 --- Finnish dairy company, Valio has held an unveiling ceremony for its China head office in Shanghai. The newly established head office will focus on serving the growing Chinese market. Besides the Ingredient business units, Valio China has also established the new business units of Retail and Food Service. By carrying on the century-honored Finnish heritage in innovation and high quality, Valio China will stand side-by-side with Chinese consumers to create a better life together.

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19 April 2018

The launch of new lactose-free dairy options

19 Apr 2018 --- Valio is launching a new line of lactose-free yogurt to the Spanish market. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, during Alimetaria 2018, in Barcelona, Anette Almi, said: “In Spain, we are moving into the lactose-free dairy market. We see more and more that consumers in Spain are conscious about lactose-free dairy. They don't want vegan products they do want dairy but without the lactose. At Valio, we are the expert in lactose-free dairy and now it is growing and there is a much bigger focus on the technology behind it. Protein has been developing a lot too, Spain is about five years behind the Nordic market, so we are targeting two things at once with some of our new Spanish launches - protein and lactose-free.

16 October 2017

Trends pushing everyday health and wellness R&D innovation

16 Oct 2017 --- Global food ingredients manufacturer Valio will showcase the latest developments in its tailor-made solutions for food ingredients customers during Anuga, created in response to growing demand for innovative solutions. The company, which provides dairy from Finland, supplies to some of the world’s biggest producers in 60 markets. Its solutions range from lactose-free and baby food to ingredients for the pet food and health supplements industry.

18 November 2016

A New Sodium Reduction Solution for Dairy Products

18 Nov 2016 --- Valio Oivariini has launched a lower salt blended spread which contains 50% less salt than ordinary spreads. The product was selected for the low sodium recipe, which is based on potassium and other ingredients. A Valio cheese with 50% less salt was also launched in Finland under the Polar brand in May 2016. Valio Polar is presented in 270g packs of cheese slices and is made with Valsa salt, which contains 80% less sodium than ordinary salt and is rich in iodine. Kimmo Luoma of Valio briefly explains the technology for both the cheese and spreadable butter space. “There is a global issue in that the sodium intake is too high and we have therefore developed a unique way to reduce the sodium level in our products like spreadable butter and cheese. It is based on milk minerals like potassium, where we replace sodium,” he says. Luoma notes that the company has also partnered with a bakery supplier in Finland in taking this technology into a reduced sodium bread.

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