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Sensient Food Colors Europe

Sensient Food Colors brings life to products, adding color and visual enjoyment to food and beverage applications worldwide. Sensient applies industry-defining color expertise, enhancing brand value through premium sensory appeal and performance. Sensient Food Colors Europe supplies an encompassing portfolio focusing on natural colors, coloring ingredients and customized coloring solutions.

As the global leader in the manufacture and supply of high-performance food colors, Sensient operates a close network of service- and application experts, research, development and manufacturing sites. Extensive technical and legislative expertise is available to support new products developments and to meet future color needs of the food industry.

Sensient Food Colors is a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation, a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavours and fragrances.

Natural colors

Sensient offers a wide range of speciality natural color formulations. Derived from selected vegetables, fruits, plants, minerals and other edible natural sources, Sensient’s natural color range is based on the coloring principles found in nature. Manufacturing expertise and global application know-how allows Sensient to offer superior products with respect to stability, quality and safety.

Natural Ingredients

Originating from traditional foods such as vegetables, fruits and spices, Sensient´s natural coloring ingredients range is carefully processed to ensure the protection of all the valuable properties from the natural raw material sources. Sensient provides a wide range of special formulations with excellent stability and advanced coloring efficiency for various applications."

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Food Ingredients News  12 September 2018

Sensient eyes clean label platforms amid technology expansion, botanicals hold strong market potential

12 Sep 2018 --- A more holistic strategy to flavors that encompasses a multi-faceted approach of “taste” has been a key theme in the flavor industry this year. Several major business moves, which include Givaudan’s swoop for Naturex, illustrate how flavor players are moving beyond their core base, amid an overarching clean label trend. Herbs and spices are trending amid this current market dynamic.

Food Ingredients News  01 August 2018

Evolving flavor demands: Sensient targets vegan, organic and reduced sugar platforms

01 Aug 2018 --- Clean label is now a global standard. People investigate their food and beverage choices more closely now, and they are very specific about what they want to see. According to recent Sensient primary research, authenticity and natural ingredients are key drivers when it comes to making food choices. Sensient analysts have found that in the clean label world, the words “natural” and “extract” carry significant weight. Consumers see it as the closest to nature that they can get. At IFT 2018, just last month, Sensient were exhibiting their latest product innovations, developed in response to these consumer needs.

Food Ingredients News  20 July 2018

Sensient execs on Mazza buy: “We want to take everything out of the botanical”

20 Jul 2018 --- Sensient is eyeing the newly acquired botanical extraction company Mazza Innovation as a strategic pillar for all of its business operations, including colors and flavors. Presented under the new name of “Sensient Natural Extraction” and continuing to operate out of Canada, the new business unit provides a clean extraction opportunity for Sensient Technologies Corp. The acquisition will offer opportunities in sustainability, cost reduction and clean label, as the entire botanical being used can be broken down and distributed among the diverse companies that comprise Sensient.

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From TWOFI  20 September 2016

View From The Top: Paul Manning, CEO, Sensient Technologies

20 Sep 2016 --- Recent innovations from Sensient Flavors include its new “nut free” nut flavor product range comprising Almond, Hazelnut, Peanut, Pistachio and Walnut. Sensient claims that beverage companies are turning to “sensory marketing” to help increase awareness of the sensory elements in their products.

From TWOFI  20 February 2014

Opinion Edge: Sweet Signs of Recovery?

20 Feb 2014 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the trends that will drive the sweet goods market in 2014. Which flavor trends hold high potential and what about the combination of sweet and savory?

Video Interviews


31 July 2018

Flavor strategies for sugar reduction

31 Jul 2018 --- Sugar reduction is also an area for Sensient that cannot be ignored. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Keerthana Perumbala, from Sensient during IFT in Chicago. “It comes as no surprise that sugar is a highly controversial ingredient. There are so many projects that seek to reduce sugar, government strategies and new regulations about how much sugar a product should contain, as the world tries to reduce obesity and other weight-related health problems.” At the Sensient stand, Perumbala discussed sugar reduction comparison between a full-sugared cookie and a cookie that contained 30 percent less sugar, to see how they compared. “Consumers don’t want to sacrifice on taste – so we wanted to display this side by side comparison and see what the reaction was,” she adds.

08 December 2017

Flavor trends for 2018 and beyond – Sensient Flavors

08 Dec 2017 --- Sensient Flavors’ Barbara Lezzer describes some of the trends we should be looking out for in 2018 and beyond: “We are seeing a lot of complexity coming into the products, and this is across beverages as well as sweet categories.” This means that consumers are now looking for more “layered” products. Botanicals like herbs and spices are a big trend, Lezzer notes, and they also offer opportunities for decoration. For example, they can communicate a health halo in a cocktail. Spices offer support for sweet and savory combinations, and in beverages, there is also the opportunity to broaden the appeal of non-alcoholic drinks to an adult audience.

25 July 2016

On Trend Flavors to Watch

25 Jul 2016 --- A key trend in beverages is the adoption of premium ingredients, as consumers try to add a bit more adventure, as things become more exotic and indulgent in nature. There are even some trends towards using more spicy flavors in beverages. Provenance is also becoming an increasingly important marketing positioning in both confectionery and dairy.

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