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The Innova Database is the product of choice for the whole product development team. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world in a way you never thought possible.

Track trends, competitors, ingredients and flavors. It contains excellent product pictures, search possibilities and analysis. Get the world of new products on your desk, set e-alerts, examine category activity, find new ideas, be inspired.

In today's fast moving environment this is a resource you cannot afford to be without.

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Food Ingredients News  17 January 2019

Tracking provenance and building trust: WWF and BCGDV take traceability to next level with new blockchain platform

17 Jan 2019 --- A new blockchain platform promises to take food transparency to the next level by allowing consumers to easily track the provenance of what they are buying while helping businesses stamp out unscrupulous operators. OpenSC can reportedly help businesses to remove illegal, environmentally-damaging or unethical products from their supply chains, giving consumers “peace of mind” about the products they are purchasing. The new platform, launched by WWF and BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV), comes as more consumers want to know what’s in their food and where it comes from.

Food Ingredients News  19 November 2018

Brexit uncertainty sparks a flurry of industry reactions, political storm continues to brew

19 Nov 2018 --- While UK political uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit withdrawal agreement formed with the EU last week has subsided somewhat since last Thursday’s drama, scare stories about the immediate impact on a “no deal” Brexit on the food industry have intensified. These range from genuine industry concerns about a lack of available warehousing for the stockpiling of ingredients, packaging and product, to hyped fears about a complete interruption to the availability of Mars bars in the country. 

Food Ingredients News  13 November 2018

Food discovery: “The Adventurous Consumer” tipped as top trend for 2019 by Innova Market Insights

13 Nov 2018 --- Targeting increasingly adventurous consumers, set on new discoveries and experiences, will be key to product development in the food and beverage industry in 2019, according to Innova Market Insights. The company today reveals its top trends for the coming year, with “Discovery: The Adventurous Consumer” leading its list of the Top Ten Trends for 2019. 

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Ingredient Focus


28 January 2019

Natural food colors

The use of natural food colors is on the rise, with Innova Market Insights data showing a CAGR of 5 percent (Global, 2014-2018). Bakery leads as the top market category in terms of products featuring natural food colors. Spirulina extract is the fastest growing natural food color.

industry focus image

20 December 2018

Dietary fibers

New product development with fiber is showing continuous growth across the globe, as the health benefits of the ingredient continue to gain attention. Sports nutrition is the fastest growing category for fiber inclusion, while rice fiber is the fastest growing fiber ingredient among the new product launches tracked by Innova Market Insights (2013-2017).

industry focus image

01 May 2018

Inside starch: Applications enjoy a steady rise

Food & beverage product launches tracked with starch are still on the rise. Due to its versatility, the opportunities to apply starch are endless and even further NPD featuring it is expected. Globally in 2017, 27% of food & beverage launches tracked featuring starch were in the bakery category. This is followed by ready meals and meat, fish & eggs.

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04 February 2019

Top ten trends and confectionery and snacks

04 Feb 2019 --- Consumers are on a big and broad journey of discovery. They are moving out of their comfort zone to explore bolder flavors and multi-sensory food experiences. Sixty-six percent of US consumers say they love to discover new flavors (Consumer Study 2018, Innova Market Insights). At ISM 2019 in Cologne Innova Market Insights presented the latest confectionery insights on product development from around the globe. Irene Kersbergen from the market research firm discusses how several of the top ten trends are shaping confectionery and snacks product development.

26 February 2018

Key trends for snacks and confectionery in 2018

26 Feb 2018 --- Innova Market Insights presented the key trends in confectionery at this year’s event. The researcher noted how interest and awareness in health, indulgence and sustainability continues to rise. Further innovation in sugar and chocolate confectionery that takes these demands into account is paramount in order to remain competitive. For example, there was 93% CAGR reported in sugar confectionery launches with a “vegan” claim (Global, 2012-2016). 70% CAGR in gummies/jellies product launches with a “gelatin free” claim (Global, 2012-2016).

09 November 2017

Growing market for active nutrition

09 Nov 2017 --- Active nutrition was one of Innova’s key themes at Anuga 2017 as more and more companies are focusing on physically active consumers. Sports nutrition has entered the mainstream and consumers are trying to integrate health benefits into their day-to-day lives, so lifestyles are becoming more active, Andrea Launay of Innova Market Insights explains. Key claims continue to include protein, but have also expanded into recovery (for example, hydration) and energy and alertness (also coming from sources other than caffeine). Snacking is also developing as people live dynamic lifestyles, with developments in areas such as ready-to-drink beverages continuing at a fast pace.

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24 January 2019

Top Ten Trends 2019: A Sweet Discovery

24 Jan 2019 --- Leading the trends driving development in snacks and confectionery are “Discovery: the Adventurous Consumer”, “Alternatives to All”, “Snacking: the Definitive Occasion”, and “I Feel Good”. Innova Market Insights continuously analyzes global developments in food and beverage launch activity and consumer research to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and beverage industry over the coming year and beyond. Discover the latest market trends for the snacks and confectionery industry by attending Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends 2019 webinar.

05 December 2018

Top Ten Trends 2019

05 Dec 2018 --- Innova Market Insights releases its Top Ten Trends for 2019, using its ongoing analyses of global developments in food and drink launch activity to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year and beyond. In addition to the Top Ten Trends identified for 2019, key themes from previous years, including mindful consumption, clean label, protein content, sugar reduction and plant-based options will also continue to feature strongly.

25 October 2018

Richer Experiences

25 Oct 2018 --- Enjoyment remains paramount in food and beverage and as consumers expect more from what they spend, brands are responding by creating more engaging experiences drawing on aspects like sensory delivery, storytelling and tastes from other cultures.

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