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The Innova Database is the product of choice for the whole product development team. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world in a way you never thought possible.

Track trends, competitors, ingredients and flavors. It contains excellent product pictures, search possibilities and analysis. Get the world of new products on your desk, set e-alerts, examine category activity, find new ideas, be inspired.

In today's fast moving environment this is a resource you cannot afford to be without.

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Food Ingredients News  28 August 2018

Vegan innovation: Growing appetite, plant-based power & retail positioning

28 Aug 2018 --- The image of veganism is undergoing the most radical change in its history while shedding some tired, old stereotypes – that’s according to The Vegan Society itself. The group proudly states that consumers now closely associate eating vegan with health, fitness and well-being – all huge trends that are dominating the global food industry. The word “vegan” didn’t even exist until 1944 when The Vegan Society’s co-founder coined it, but today it can now be seen on menus and products around the world. This week, Unilever announced the launch of vegan Magnum ice cream bars in Sweden and Finland.

Food Ingredients News  14 August 2018

The flavors shake-up: Ethnic, rich and authentic options pushed to the fore

14 Aug 2018 --- The last few months have seen a real shake-up in the flavors space with International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) beginning a new chapter with the combination of Frutarom. The news came as Swiss-headquartered market leader Givaudan completed the acquisition of 40.5 percent of the shares of Naturex for €135 per share, with plans underway to take complete control of the natural ingredients supplier. The acquisition of such a significant shareholding in Naturex fits with Givaudan’s 2020 strategy to expand its offering to deliver natural products to customers.

Business News  23 July 2018

Start-up success: “Think audaciously, be bold and take risks,” says Practical Innovation

23 Jul 2018 --- The role that start-ups have in future product development success was a key theme at IFT in Chicago where inspiring innovation “to feed the future and beyond” was in the spotlight. Continuously evolving consumer demands, together with the need to achieve a sustainable future, are helping to fuel start-ups with convention-challenging innovation, Innova Market Insights reported at the event. 

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26 February 2018

Key trends for snacks and confectionery in 2018

Innova Market Insights presented the key trends in confectionery at this year’s event. The researcher noted how interest and awareness in health, indulgence and sustainability continues to rise. Further innovation in sugar and chocolate confectionery that takes these demands into account is paramount in order to remain competitive. For example, there was 93% CAGR reported in sugar confectionery launches with a “vegan” claim (Global, 2012-2016). 70% CAGR in gummies/jellies product launches with a “gelatin free” claim (Global, 2012-2016). 

09 November 2017

Growing market for active nutrition

Active nutrition was one of Innova’s key themes at Anuga 2017 as more and more companies are focusing on physically active consumers. Sports nutrition has entered the mainstream and consumers are trying to integrate health benefits into their day-to-day lives, so lifestyles are becoming more active, Andrea Launay of Innova Market Insights explains. Key claims continue to include protein, but have also expanded into recovery (for example, hydration) and energy and alertness (also coming from sources other than caffeine). Snacking is also developing as people live dynamic lifestyles, with developments in areas such as ready-to-drink beverages continuing at a fast pace.

04 July 2017

The Market Rise of Plant Based Potential

The global market for dairy alternative drinks is expected to reach US$16.3bn in 2018, up dramatically from US$7.4bn in 2010. Significant developments in this area include the acquisition of WhiteWave in 2016, presenting Danone with the opportunity to further developing its interests in this dynamic market in both North America and Europe. Innova Market Insights presented new data on food trends at the IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas, including plant based potential.

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03 July 2018

IFT 2018 Preview Webinar: The Mindful Consumer & More

In this webinar, we will look at how some trends are influencing the mindful consumer who seeks a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Body health concerns are driven by a cleaner and overall healthier lifestyle with 4 in 10 U.S. consumers increasing their consumption of “healthier foods” in 2017. In addition, responsible companies tackle ethical issues with a +47% average annual growth* of food and beverages with ethical claims bringing peace of mind to the consumer.

03 May 2018

Top Ten Trends 2018: The Dairy Implications

Innova Market Insights’ Director of Innovation, Lu Ann Williams takes you inside dairy innovation today and discusses how the 2018 top ten trends will impact tomorrow’s dairy cabinet. Join us for 20 minutes of category defining dairy insights that you cannot afford to miss.

19 January 2018

Top 10 Trends for 2018: Sweet Inspiration

The leading trends driving development in snacks and confectionery are “Mindful Choices,” “Lighter Enjoyment,” “Positively Processed” and “Going Full Circle.” Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights provides an overview of the key drivers in new product innovation and how they will impact the confectionery and snacks categories.

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