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Hydrocolloids, Stabilisers and Gelling Systems


The Hydrosol team develops tailor-made stabilizing systems and emulsifying systems for dairy products, ice cream, deli foods, ready meals, meat and sausage products and also integrated compounds for deli specialties and desserts. With commitment and know-how they have made their company a centre of excellence in the field of stabilizers and emulsifiers. They are familiar with the properties of every single stabilizer and every single emulsifier. That enables them to create systems whose synergisms make customized solutions possible.

  • For dairy products: Hydrosol has developed functional systems for stabilizing a host of different products based on milk that offer economic benefits and meet the demands of the production line.
  • For ice cream: In close cooperation with their customers they develop stabilizing systems that ensure all the relevant product attributes.
  • For deli foods and ready meals: Cutting the production costs of ready meals gives manufacturers an important lead over their competitors. Their stabilizing systems ensure the reliability of production processes and give the products a pleasant eating consistency.
  • For meat and sausage products: Hydrosol has developed tailor-made stabilizing and emulsifying systems for use in the production of cooked and boiled sausage, boiled ham and restructured meat products.
  • Integrated compounds for deli foods and desserts: The use of integrated compounds ensures a high level of functionality and reduces costs by permitting savings in the procurement of raw materials and in storage and quality control.

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Food Ingredients News  11 February 2019

Alginate-based casings: Hydrosol solution can address plant-based demands

11 Feb 2019 --- Stabilizers innovator Hydrosol has developed a new casing solution based on alginate for various sausages, whether meat or plant-based. SmartCasings, which are suitable for hot dog, currywurst or salami stick, are presented as “a small revolution in sausage-making.”

Food Ingredients News  08 October 2018

Stern-Wywiol opens new food ingredients center in Malaysia

08 Oct 2018 --- Stern-Wywiol Gruppe is adding to its production and sales network in south-east Asia by establishing a new production facility for its subsidiary, SternMaid Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, in the Iskandar economic zone, Malaysia. After the plants in Suzhou (China) and Mumbai, this is the third food industry facility that the family enterprise has opened in Asia and its sixth outside Germany.

Food Ingredients News  24 September 2018

Plant-based protein growth: Hydrosol’s new stabilizing systems for dairy alternatives

24 Sep 2018 --- Hydrosol is tapping in the growing demand for plant-based proteins with its new stabilizing and texturing systems for a wide spectrum of dairy alternatives that give them properties very close to products made from cow’s milk. These include cultured desserts that contain no milk components, soy or gluten.

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From TWOFI  30 October 2018

Hydrosol Platforms: 25 Years of Stabilizing Innovation

30 Oct 2018 --- Stern-Wywiol Gruppe CEO, Torsten Wywiol and Hydrosol Managing Director, Matthias Moser explain the 25-year evolution of the company and business strategies moving forward, including innovation within alternative proteins.

From TWOFI  22 June 2018

Right back to the source

22 Jun 2018 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the demand for traceability & sustainability. What is driving the demand for clearer labels and what role can suppliers play?

From TWOFI  01 May 2018

Opinion Edge: Ready to Innovate?

01 May 2018 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends to watch out for in ready meals. How important is clean & clear labeling and marketing around sourcing becoming?

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25 May 2018

Outlook and opportunities in the nutrition sector

25 May 2018 --- Stern-Wywiol is eyeing strong potential in the nutritional space, with emerging platforms such as vegan being targeted. At this year’s Vitafoods in Geneva, their SternVitamin business presented micronutrient premixes that address individual consumer wishes. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Stern-Wywiol CEO Torsten Wywiol about the outlook and opportunities that exist in the nutrition sector.

07 September 2016

North American Expansion Plans for a Stern-Wywiol Company

07 Sep 2016 --- SternWywiol is strengthening its position in North America. With a sophisticated micro-blending line designed to German standards, SternMaid America is optimally equipped for customized contract production of food ingredients and food supplements in powder form. The company’s plant can handle orders starting at 500 lbs and offers flexible solutions for filling into bulk or consumer packaging. Some 9 million lbs p.a. of substances in powder form can be blended on the line, from food supplements like protein mixtures, collagen products or functional foods to stabilizers, instantized powders and dairy products.