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The name Essentia tells the story of refinement and purification, turning something basic into its most valuable form. Its essence.

In short, this is what we do. And we always strive to do it with perfection and precision.

The products we create are based on determination and efficiency. We are driven by results - and by creating them in a proper manner.

We believe in shaping the future with our partners, rather than to wait and see what happens. We are not afraid to act and think creatively and for us the only way forward is based on continuous movement. 

In other words: We see our role not merely as a supplier, but as a serious long term business partner filling an important role in your value chain, offering complete innovative protein solutions backed by an essential range of services.

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Food Ingredients News  22 February 2017

Essentia Expand Protein Offerings with Organic Beef Products

22 Feb 2017 --- Essentia Protein Solutions, North America have announced the expansion of its ingredient portfolio to include grass-fed, USDA-certified organic beef broth products. 

Food Ingredients News  01 February 2017

Plant-Based Protein Pioneers Parabel Scaling Up Production Operations

01 Feb 2017 --- Parabel is bolstering its position in the burgeoning plant-based protein market by building several processing facilities for its water lentil-based proteins. Following on from launching its new ingredient LENTEIN to industry and scooping the main innovation award at the IFT in Chicago (Institute of Food Technologists), Parabel is scaling up its production operations in Fellsmere, Florida.

Food Ingredients News  29 November 2016

Essentia Protein Solutions Expands its Organic Chicken Line

29 Nov 2016 --- Essentia Protein Solutions is launching a major expansion to its line of ProBase ingredients to include organic chicken products. These new organic chicken items will significantly increase Essentia’s line of clean label ingredients.  

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14 December 2017

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Developing new protein solutions – Essentia Protein Solutions

Essentia Protein Solutions is doing a lot in terms of branding and repositioning the company. “We have a new focus because we are known for being experts and having our strong points in meat and savory, our animal-based proteins, and we’re refocusing to move into other areas as well,” says Asger Jacobsen. These areas include meat snacks, general nutrition products, the increased proteins trend and generally helping customers with challenges and opportunities they have.

04 January 2016

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The Launch of a New Marketing Concept for Meat Proteins

Essentia Protein Solutions launched its “Good in every meal” campaign, which drives home the message that Essentia’s protein solutions can go into many other food products than traditional applications like meat, soups, and sauces. “With the ‘Good in every meal’ campaign we want to point out that the decades of experience and R&D we have put into our meat based proteins apply to many other food products than meat, soups, and sauces,” says Global Marketing Director Irene Plats. Essentia Protein Solutions wants the food industry and consumers to get accustomed to regard meat based proteins as a natural part of many common food and beverage products. For instance, bodybuilders and other athletes are already getting many of their proteins from meat and meat based products. 

23 October 2015

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The Rise of Natural Energy as a Marketing Platform

GAT Foods (Israel) highlighted the trend towards natural energy drinks, by presenting various concepts. Hila Bentman at GAT Foods noted the positioning as follows: “These types of products target working people who may need an energy boost at 3-4pm. They can either get this from a chocolate bar, snack or a drink like this. For example, there was a drink launched last year in Israel, in collaboration with Ocean Spray, where we worked our knowledge to launch a product aimed at both men and women. It contains the same amount of caffeine as a classic energy drink, but because it is sweetened with stevia, it is not comparable in terms of sugar content.”