Tate & Lyle gets Non-GMO Project Verification for starch ingredients, expands China facility


04 Dec 2017 --- Global food ingredients and solutions provider Tate & Lyle Plc. has achieved Non-GMO Project verification for 18 starch ingredients, including its entire line of Claria Functional Clean-Label Starches. This good news for the company comes as it also announces that the expansion of capacity, and process upgrades, at its Sta-Lite Polydextrose facility in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China, is now complete and online.

Clean certification from Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices, Tate & Lyle notes.
Tate & Lyle points out that now, more than ever, consumers are looking for more options from food and beverage manufacturers that meet their preferences around simpler and easier to understand ingredient lists. In fact, 63 percent of Americans have consumed non-GMO products in the past year, which represents a 74 percent increase since 2012, according to statistics cited by the company.
The Non-GMO Project verification gives manufacturers and their consumers the assurance that products, such as Claria Functional Clean-Label Starches, have completed a comprehensive verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard.
“In today’s complex food and beverage landscape, consumers want foods that fit their varying lifestyles and choices. Whether it Click to Enlarge be clean label foods or options with fewer calories, manufacturers need to find ways to rise to the challenge,” says Werner Barbosa, Global Platform Lead, Texturants, Tate & Lyle. “We are committed to helping brands create on-trend, extraordinary eating experiences, through simpler ingredients which also address formulation challenges.”
Tate & Lyle’s Non-GMO Project Verified starches are said to provide the functionality to help customers create extraordinary food textures while also delivering label-friendly options to consumers.
The ingredients receiving verification, including the entire line of Claria Functional Clean-Label Starches, are:
• Claria Elite
• Claria Plus  
• Claria Essential
• Claria Instant 340
• Claria Instant 360
• Claria Bliss 560
• Claria Bliss 570
• Claria Bliss 580
• Perma-Flo NG Starch
• Maxi-Gel 617 NG Starch
• Rezista 682 NG Starch
• Rezista HV NG Starch
• Rezista NG Starch
• X-Pand’r 612 NG Starch
• X-Pand’r SC NG Starch
• Mira-Mist 662 NG Starch
• Mira-Thik 603 NG Starch: Mira-Thick 603 F NG Starch
• Star-Dri 10 NG Maltodextrin
These non-GMO starches enable manufacturers not only to address the demand for clean label ingredients but also to tackle formulation challenges which deliver their texture goals, Tate & Lyle notes. The company adds that texture is often one of the most challenging attributes for formulators to optimize.
“The combination of Tate & Lyle’s deep formulation expertise and ingredient portfolio provides food manufacturers with the right solutions to meet labeling requirements and the desired texture that makes food extraordinary,” the company says.
Expansion increases capacity
The news about Tate & Lyle’s Non-GMO Project Verification comes as its Sta-Lite Polydextrose facility in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China increases capacity by more than three times from when it was acquired by Tate & Lyle in 2014.
As part of the expansion, manufacturing and quality processes at the facility have been significantly enhanced, Tate & Lyle notes. The company has also improved the facility’s packaging capabilities and implemented advanced environmental management infrastructure and systems to deliver on its commitment for responsible manufacturing.
Sta-Lite Polydextrose is a soluble fiber with proven nutritional benefits that food producers use to provide fiber enrichment, and body and texture, in reduced sugars and calorie products. It is used in products such as cereals, drinking yogurts, fermented Click to Enlarge beverages, biscuits and pastries.
“We continue to see strong demand for our soluble fibers, used in food and beverages globally to deliver solutions for sugar reduction and fiber enrichment,” says Harry Boot, General Manager Asia Pacific, Speciality Food Ingredients at Tate & Lyle. “The three-fold capacity increase at our polydextrose facility in China will help us meet this growing demand, and provide a high quality product to customers in Asia Pacific and other regions of the world.”
“Tate & Lyle is the only polydextrose manufacturer with production lines on three continents,” adds Courtney Kingery, Director, Global Product Management, Health & Wellness at Tate & Lyle. “Our investment in Nantong significantly enhances our fiber production capabilities, and expands our non-GMO offering.”

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