PureCircle debuts new stevia tool for speedy formulation


12 Sep 2017 --- PureCircle is launching its new Sigma-XceleratorSM product development tool which helps to provide custom stevia ingredient combinations that maximize product taste sugar reduction, speed to market, cost and solubility. 

The stevia leaf contains more than 40 steviol glycosides, each with different performance attributes. That can make identifying the right combination of stevia ingredients for a specific product, time-consuming for a beverage or food company, according to PureCircle.

The company’s new Sigma-XceleratorSM tool facilitates that process, thereby shortening the time to achieve taste optimization, saving the customer money and getting its product on retailers' shelves faster.

Using this new tool, PureCircle can now offer customers turnkey solutions which simplify their development work to achieve the most sugar-like taste in food and beverages. Powering this tool is PureCircle's robust portfolio of stevia sweeteners and flavors, deep stevia expertise and strong analytics performed within an application matrix.  

All of that enables PureCircle to identify ideal combinations of steviol glycosides which best meet a product's taste and sugar reduction challenges.

Sigma-Dairy, Sigma-Tea and Sigma-Beverage have all been specifically tailored to achieve high performance in their respective categories, and now the Sigma-XceleratorSM tool takes these solutions one step further by developing a unique ingredient combination for a customer's specific product and requirements.

“The Sigma-XceleratorSM tool provides individualized support for food and beverage companies by ultimately making stevia an easier ingredient to work with,” says Faith Son, Head of Marketing and Innovation.

“This tool will simplify our clients' product formulation work by reducing development time, allowing great-tasting products to come to market more quickly and efficiently. By combining the best-tasting stevia glycosides in varying amounts, we now understand how stevia sweeteners work best at achieving modest to deep sugar reduction levels while enabling great taste in food and beverage products.”

Regarding the rising demand of stevia sweeteners, Son told FoodIngredientsFirst: “According to our proprietary global research, consumers are prioritizing health and wellbeing more than ever before. This has increased demand for great-tasting, naturally-sourced, zero-calorie stevia sweeteners and flavors. Evolving regulations on sweeteners and a growing concern about increases in obesity and diabetes have food and beverage companies working quickly to reduce sugar content and overall calorie profile of their products.”

“To ensure we are keeping up with increasing demand, we consistently evaluate expanding agricultural operations into additional countries, including adding 10,000 hectares to our leaf source program over the next five years. We are committed to enhancing our farming communities around the world by providing them with the industry-leading tools, knowledge and resources to sustainably produce high-quality stevia at a rate which meets the demand of the global food and beverage industry.”

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