Salinity Launches Naturally Formed Low Sodium Salt

23 Jan 2013 --- Swedish salt processing company Salinity which exports a range of salt products worldwide, is launching SaltWell, a new naturally formed low sodium salt, mined from a vast mineral rich Jurassic sea deep below the Chilean desert.

23 Jan 2013 --- Already being tested by one multinational food company, the salt which naturally has 35% less sodium in its make up, tastes exactly like ordinary salt.

Currently the low sodium salt available is created by diluting sodium grains with potassium grains which not only delivers a bitter aftertaste but also presents some separation issues. The Saltwell grain is naturally formed to contain the potassium within each grain so perfect for a range of food.

Initial usage research undertaken by Ipsos has highlighted a range of benefits including enhanced taste of the food cooked.

Says Simon Wright Founder of OF+, specialists in developing sustainable foods, “Increasingly retailers and food manufacturers are looking for natural ingredients that will lower salt levels whilst retaining a clean ingredient list.  This new salt that is naturally lower in sodium ticks all these boxes whilst tasting exactly as salt should taste – salty and without the bitterness associated with engineered salt substitutes.  While I understand Saltwell is not yet available to consumers I can see a huge demand for it in the future.”

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