GNT Launches Oil Dispersible Coloring Foods

22 Nov 2013 --- At this year's Food Ingredients Europe, GNT Group, pioneer and global market leader in Coloring Foods, presented the company’s new line of EXBERRY products. For the first time, the family-owned company has oil dispersible Coloring Foods in its portfolio for oil- and fat-based foods such as chocolate, chocolate compounds or fat coatings.

GNT is the first company to offer customers oil dispersible Coloring Foods encompassing the entire spectrum of color shades. The products are available in red, blue, yellow and green shades for example and can be mixed to produce a wider range of colors.

Like all GNT Group products, these new Coloring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables and plants. They are processed to edible concentrates through gentle physical methods and without the use of chemicals. Thus, Coloring Foods are suitable for the production of so-called “clean label products”.

"Our new product line serves the growing consumer demand for foods and beverages that are free from additives with E-numbers. The food industry can now offer their customers a complete Coloring Foods palette for oil- and fat-based foods as an alternative to additives," says Paul Collins, board member of the GNT Group and Managing Director GNT UK.

The oil dispersible EXBERRY products do not impact on flavour and can be mixed directly and provide uniform color shades. Similar to the water-soluble concentrates, the oil dispersible products meet all the requirements of vegetarians and the standards of kosher and halal.

In addition to the new products, GNT Group provided insight into the production of its EXBERRY concentrates – from the sowing and harvesting of natural food raw materials through to the finished products. Visitors had the opportunity to experiencefor themselves how food is naturally colored with food.

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