Every Pack Wins in Biggest Ever Walkers On-pack Promotion

19 Aug 2013 --- Walkers is launching its biggest ever on-pack promotion to reinforce the use of home grown ingredients across its core range.

Supported by a brand new TV campaign, the competition is set to engage the nation and increase sales for retailers, with promotional packs available in-store from around 20th August.

With a guaranteed win in every pack, and a range of exciting rewards from free crisps, to discounts on days out, to cash prizes worth up to £10,000, ‘Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt’ is set to generate mass consumer appeal. Through a fun online game, people can help Gary Lineker find the home grown ingredients which were introduced to Walkers core range in March to determine which of the millions of rewards they will win.

The biggest ever digital media support behind a Walkers promotion will be combined with the opportunity to enter and play via mobile, making it easier than ever to join in the fun. Consumers simply enter the unique code from inside their promotional pack of Walkers Crisps from any online digital device, including mobiles, and then play to win great rewards. Within social media, people can also stay tuned for ‘clues’ as to Gary’s whereabouts with the first to find him on the map on the Walkers website winning £1,000.

From the millions of rewards on offer, consumers may win free crisps, cash, or newspapers, all of which can be redeemed via retailers with Paypoint, Payzone, or ePay across the nation. Consumers can redeem these rewards via a mobile voucher sent straight to their phones. Within the digital voucher, shoppers are directed to their nearest retailer giving people more reasons than ever to visit their local store. Stores that redeem the digital vouchers are guaranteed repayment within six working days making it easy to take part in the promotion.

Peter Charles, marketing director for Walkers, comments; “To benefit from Walkers’ biggest ever promotion, retailers should make sure Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon are all available. Shoppers will be encouraged to visit their closest store to redeem their free bag of Walkers crisps so it is important these stores are stocking their customer favourites. Creating off fixture displays using our Point of Sale units will help make this promotion unmissable in-store, while aiming to increase impulse sales.”

The promotion will be supported by a humourous new TV ad on air from mid-September and the brand’s biggest ever digital support package to create mass consumer appeal and reach consumers whether they are at home or on the go. High impact displays are set to capture shoppers’ imaginations in grocery stores.

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