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Bakery Mixes and Other Bakery Products, Confectionery - Chocolate, Enzymes and Enzyme Systems, Flavor Enhancers, Vitamins


The dynamically expanding Stern-Wywiol Gruppe comprises eleven specialist firms. DeutscheBack, Hydrosol, SternMaid, Hydrosol, SternVitamin, HERZA Schokolade, Sternchemie, SternEnzym and OlbrichtArom. They are all active and innovative companies in the world of food ingredients.

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe can create specialist products such as: flour improvers, baking ingredients, enzyme systems, vitamin & mineral premixes, stabilizing systems, flavourings, functional chocolate, food supplements, blending, filling & processing, lecithin & food lipids, feed additives and oleochemical specialities.

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Food Ingredients News  07 June 2018

Stern-Wywiol Gruppe achieves record sales, drives company ambition for far-sighted growth

07 Jun 2018 --- Hamburg-based food and feed ingredients supplier, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, increased its sales by €56 million (US$66 million) to €520 million (US$613 million) in 2017. With this figure, the company achieved 12 percent growth last year. The development of the group is mainly due to the expansion of its international presence and intensive applications research, according to Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

Food Ingredients News  19 September 2017

Stern-Wywiol boosted by Hydrosol vegan solutions innovation

19 Sep 2017 --- Hamburg-based Stern-Wywiol Gruppe experienced double-digit growth in 2016 with revenues of €464 million (US$553 million) and its Hydrosol subsidiary has made an important contribution to this continued positive balance. As a specialist in stabilizing and texturing systems, in recent years the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of stabilizing systems on the international market. In Europe, the company is in the top 3 in the category.

Food Ingredients News  17 January 2017

DeutscheBack Launches Innovative Solution to Keep Baked Goods Fresher for Longer

17 Jan 2017 --- DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG presents TopSweet Fresh Cake Plus V for rich cake and short crust pastry batters. This innovative enzyme system improves freshness preservation of the crumb and keeps packaged cakes and baked goods soft and moist longer. The longer-lasting crumb softness boosts the profitability of baked goods. During the development DeutscheBack benefited from the synergies and experience of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. 

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25 May 2018

Outlook and opportunities in the nutrition sector

Stern-Wywiol is eyeing strong potential in the nutritional space, with emerging platforms such as vegan being targeted. At this year’s Vitafoods in Geneva, their SternVitamin business presented micronutrient premixes that address individual consumer wishes. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Stern-Wywiol CEO Torsten Wywiol about the outlook and opportunities that exist in the nutrition sector.