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Kerry is responding to consumer demand for real ingredients with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. With 40 years’ experience and 24,000 staff on six continents, Kerry has a renewed focus on Taste & Nutrition where the science of taste merges with the science of nutrition. They combine a deep understanding of taste with an in-depth knowledge of people, culture, life stage and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about. Kerry calls this Leading to Better.

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Food Ingredients News  15 January 2018

Positively processed: Getting inside fermented foods

15 Jan 2018 --- As consumers become more concerned about the processing their foods endure to make it to the table, techniques perceived as being more "natural" help to provide reassurance. As a result, we are seeing the revival of traditional processes, which deliver health and taste benefits through more natural means. Fermentation is the key predecessor of “simpler” processes and these types of foods and beverages have been key beneficiaries of the trend. Innova Market Insights reports a +35 percent rise in US food and beverages that claim to use a fermentation process (2016 vs. 2015), with fermented foods strongly trending.

Business News  21 November 2017

Ornua expands in South Korea with Kerrygold launch

21 Nov 2017 --- Ornua has announced a major product expansion into the South Korean market with the launch of Kerrygold butter. The new product was unveiled by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD at a launch in the Hyundai Department Store Samseong-dong in the Gangnam-gu district, Seoul, during the Irish Trade Mission to South Korea and Japan. 

Food Research  10 November 2017

Kerry research highlights the driving forces behind the clean label movement

10 Nov 2017 --- Clean label continues to top many food product development agendas and the notion of clean label and natural claims having been a prominent industry trend since 2008. The demand for total transparency is now increasing marketing efforts that incorporate the entire supply chain into a product's branding. The upstream part of the value chain is gaining more attention in product and brand positioning, as the overarching clean label positioning becomes more holistic. More products are carrying claims referring to agricultural practices, while calls for transparency have led to strong regional marketing; through the use of origin flags and illustrations.

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11 December 2017

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Addressing new sugar reduction demands

2018 is going to be a big year for sugar reduction, with sugar taxes coming into effect in Ireland and the UK. “Sugar brings many challenges, and the first and foremost is around taste,” says Albert McQuaid of Kerry. Consumers have become very accustomed to a very sweet taste profile in a lot of products, and changing that brings challenges to the food industry in terms of how to deliver them. To that end, Kerry is showcasing its sugar-reducing TasteSense technology, which has been developed to allow sugar manufacturers to reduce sugar levels by about 30 percent.

01 December 2017

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Delivering authenticity on a clean label basis

As consumers demand a return to real food and beverage products, Kerry is responding with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. Kerry’s focus on Taste & Nutrition combines multi-sensory aroma and texture experience with in-depth knowledge of people, life stage and daily nutritional needs.

04 July 2017

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Consumer Attitudes to Clean Label

Kerry presented the results of a consumer study into attitudes to clean label. 9 out of 10 US consumers reading label declarations are looking for clean label and willing to pay more for a product that is clean label.

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10 November 2017

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Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

This industry webinar looks to the future of healthy eating and the impact on the food industry. See why cleaner labels may just be part of a solution for an expanded consumer definition of health, and why nutrition, social and environmental responsibility will be key to successfully meet long-term consumer needs for healthy food.

09 June 2017

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Plant Proteins – Overcoming Inherent Hurdles

This webinar that looks to the future of plant-based proteins and meat alternatives including the marketplace, consumer insights, nutrition benefits, sourcing and suitability, and how nutrition and food science can work together to improve the nutritional profile of plant protein products and solve application challenges.

03 February 2017

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How Can Nutrition Address the Immune Health Needs of Today’s Consumer?

This webinar takes a full view of the immune health space. We take a look at the market and consumer demand and how nutrition can play a key role in immune health. Ultimately, we address how the clinically proven immune health ingredient, Wellmune®, can help create innovative products that meet consumers’ nutrition expectations.

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