AGRANA Fruit Expands Presence in South America, Acquires Argentinian Fruit Preparations Producer


16 Feb 2017 --- The fruit processor AGRANA Fruit, part of the AGRANA Group, has consolidated its presence in the South American market through the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Main Process S.A., a producer of fruit preparations. 

Located in north-eastern Argentina, Main Process S.A. with a workforce of around 175 employees, generated revenues of approximately €19 million ($20.1 million) in its 2015 business year. In addition to standard fruit preparations for yogurts and ice cream, Main Process S.A. also specializes in the production of syrups for beverages, fillings for bakery products and fruit toppings, partially commercialized through their own brand, Main Fusion.

Latin America is a strong growth market, particularly with regard to fruit preparations used in beverages and smoothies as well as for non-fruit solutions such as chocolate toppings and caramel syrups. Besides the core business of Main Process S.A. for industrial customers from the dairy and bakery industries, additional sales potential also exists in the quick-service restaurant (e.g. fast food) and food service sectors (e.g. hotels and catering).

“This acquisition represents another step in the direction of sustainably consolidating our global leadership in the fruit preparations market. Being the world market leader for fruit preparation for the dairy industry, we intend to strengthen our position in the core business and expand further in diverse product categories. The broad product range of Main Process S.A. in dairy as well as the non-dairy segments complements our strategy of diversification very well,”said Johannes Kleppers, CEO of AGRANA Fruit. 

Speaking with FoodIngredientsFirst, a spokesperson from AGRANA Fruit said: “We intend to strengthen our position in the core business and expand further in various product categories. The broad product range of Main Process S.A. in dairy as well as the non-dairy segments complements our strategy of diversification very well.”

“Latin America is an essential market for us, it is a strong growth region particularly with regard to fruit preparations used in beverages and smoothies as well as for non-fruit solutions We are integrating a fully developed business there, which adds another full-scale production site to our global network.”

What does AGRANA Fruit stand for?
AGRANA Fruit offers a variety of fruit, brown flavor, savory and specialty solutions for the food and beverage industry. Every year, a global network of R&D experts develops around 850 new and innovative products in close collaborations with customers. The fruit preparations contain top quality fruit, which is prepared to be used in dairy products but also in the ice cream, bakery and foodservice industries. AGRANA Fruit’s product development work also reflects global nutritional and health trends in the area of organic and natural products, health and wellbeing, indulgent and premium products, target groups and convenience. 

AGRANA Fruit currently operates seven production facilities for fruit preparations on the American continent, four in the USA and one in each of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Globally, AGRANA Fruit operates 24 sites on all continents. 

by Elizabeth Kenward

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Agrana Fruit


Agrana Fruit is the world market leader in fruit preparation for the dairy industry. Our fruits are in every 3rd yogurt cup worldwide. With more than 4,300 employees, Agrana Fruit has sales activities in over 70 countries. We truly care about fruits from the moment they are harvested until they are mixed with the final products. This is what makes us different. 

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Agrana Fruit offers customized and innovative products for the following industries:

•Ice cream
•Food service 

Accordingly, our core values are:

We Love Sourcing

With more than 1,000 hectares of company-owned and the long-term relationships with our farmers, we have established a formidable competitive advantage within the core areas of our business including: Price, Quality, Traceability, Sustainability.

We Love Excellence

Agrana Fruit has established the highest standards for fruit selection and processing, guaranteeing our customers unsurpassed foodsafety standards and premium quality.

We Love Our Clients

To inspire and continuously delight our customers is a top priority at AGRANA Fruit. Globally we launch about 600 new and innovative customized fruit preparations across several markets including the dairy, ice cream, bakery and food service industries every year.

We Love The World

Agrana Fruit is truly the only global fruit preparation supplier, with 26 fruit processing plants located across the globe.

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