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esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG

Salt is one of the most versatile raw materials and an indispensable element in industrial production and processing today. esco – european salt company is Europe’s largest salt producer and is part of the K+S Group. The company draws upon more than 140 years of experience in the mining and processing of salt.

esco operates three rock salt mines, two brine plants and five evaporated salt plants. At up to 99%, the purity of our rock salt extracted underground is very high and occupies a leading position among the competition in Europe. esco’s production capacity is about 9.7 million tonnes of crystallised salt and salt in brine per year. The high reserve capacity of our mines and their proximity to consumer centres ensure that deliveries can also be made to customers when demand is exceptionally high.

The production sites are backed by an extensive network of warehouses which ensures our market presence. From a total of 19 production and distribution sites, esco delivers a comprehensive range of products for different applications, in and outside Europe. From Scandinavia, via Central Europe to the Mediterranean: esco is widely represented.

To the food manufacturing industry esco offers a variety of rock salt, vacuum salt and sea salt products in different grain sizes and preparations. The quality, granulation and processing as well as packaging are fully tailored to the customer requirements. With Balance® Salt esco offers also a solution to the food manufacturing industry where a reduction of the sodium chloride content should be achieved. Balance® Salt is a mineral salt made from 50% food-grade salt plus potassium, magnesium and calcium. The product has an excellent flavour and is convenient to apply.

A consistently high product quality is guaranteed through continuous quality checks and seamless traceability. esco production facilities hold valid certifications according to EN ISO 9001. Strict compliance with hygiene requirements is confirmed by the certified HACCP system. Kosher and Halal requirements are also complied with.

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