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Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients

Einar Willumsen

The flavours Einar Willumsen produce cover a wide range of industries and application areas – such as beverages, dairy and ice cream, confectionery, bakery, convenience food, fish and meat, fruit preparations, jam, pharmaceuticals and snuff. Many of their customers are market leaders in their specific industries, Einar Willumsen pride themselves at being good at flavours across the board.

They have flavored a wide range of beverages for many years – such as soft drinks, ciders, energy drinks, functional beverages, spirits, ice tea, ‘glögg’ (Scandinavian Glühwein) and many more. Beverages are one of the cornerstones of their business.

They also cover a wide variety of confectionery flavours – such as fruit, berry and caramel flavours, which are widely used for candy like chewing gums, jellies, chocolate fillings and pastilles.

Einar Willumsen has a unique position within natural northern fruit and berry flavours and liquorice flavours. Berry and fruit flavours are the core of many confectionery products. Their many years of experience with natural fruit and berry flavours make us one of the best within flavours for confectionery products. Scandinavia is the world centre for salt and sweet liquorice and has the highest per capita consumption in the world. With decades of experience with liquorice flavours they are probably the world leader in development and manufacturing of liquorice flavours.

Within dairy products they market flavours for all kinds of products – such as yoghurt, processed cheese, ice cream, pizza topping, burger cheese, flavoured milk and more. They are continuously investing in development of new and better dairy flavours.

Video Interviews


21 December 2015

Eyeing New and Emerging Flavor Trends

21 Dec 2015 --- Einar Willumsen featured a fun and interactive display at the their stand, where visitors could “taste the smell of summer” and co-create a beverage. Visitors could rate the intensity of summer flavors (Honey Dew, Blood Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Pineapple and Mint), with a product developer creating a beverage based around that particular flavored concept.