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Flavors and Aromas

Duas Rodas Industrial Ltda.

The first company to produce essential oils from fruits in Brazil, we have innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship as the main features of our DNA since it was established in Jaraguá do Sul (Santa Catarina, Brazil), in 1925. Founded by the couple of German immigrants, Rudolph Hufenüssler (chemist-pharmacist) and his wife Hildegard (physicist), today Duas Rodas sells its products throughout Latin America and in other 29 countries.

We have 7 production plants and 7 research and application centres, serving more than 10,000 customers, offering an extensive range of food ingredients, such as flavours, ice cream products, food service, condiments and additives, fruit dehydrates, and integrated solutions for the food industry.

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Business News  26 April 2017

Duas Rodas Invests US$7 Million in Chilean Plant

26 Apr 2017 --- Duas Rodas, a key international company in the manufacture of aromas and ingredients for the food and beverage industries is set to inaugurate new facilities for its factory in Chile. The investment of more than US$7 million is part of the strategy of consolidation and expansion of the Brazilian multinational in the Latin American market.

Business News  30 March 2011

Duas Rodas to Invest US$23 Million in Growth During 2011

30 Mar 2011 --- 30 Mar 2011 --- The company plans to double its income during the next five years, exceeding US$ 500 million in sales. The company estimates a 15 percent growth in sales in 2011 for its current product divisions, apart from the operations in new business units.

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25 July 2018

New opportunities for Latin American superfruits

25 Jul 2018 --- A national leader in the manufacture of aromas and ingredients for the food and beverage industry, the Brazilian multinational Duas Rodas made strategic moves to consolidate the expansion project in the international market in 2017. In order to reinforce the strategic expansion project, Duas Rodas signed a new partnership with the objective of supplying the US and Canadian markets. CAIF (Concentrated Active Ingredients and Flavors) has more than seven years of experience in the North American market in the distribution of botanical extracts and dehydrated fruits in powder. Steven Rumsey of Duas Rodas speaks about new opportunities for Latin American superfruits, including their role as antioxidants or in sugar reduction.