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Bakery Mixes and Other Bakery Products, Cheese Products - Natural and Imitation, Colors - Minerals, Metals and Other, Dairy Products - Natural and Imitation, Flavor Enhancers, Meat and Meat Products, Minerals and Food Supplements


Our most used ingredient: responsibility
We see ourselves as a natural link in your entire food production chain. For us, an additive does not only turn into a food ingredient after it is labelled accordingly. We treat it as a food ingredient right from the outset.
In order to support our claim at all times, we have formulated the Budenheim Quality Standard. It imposes stricter regulations than are stipulated by today's legal requirements across the board for quality, environmental protection and safe

Add some partnership: Finding the answers to customers' questions before they even ask them
Every good partnership survives on communication. That's why our experienced specialists and technicians keep in close contact with our customers at all points of the process chain. Not just a tried and tested procedure, it is also the basis of many innovations. After all, pioneering, efficient solutions come from the working practice in your area. So we are there, wherever your markets are growing.

Stir in some problem-solving: What is conceivable is also feasible
We always find a logistics solution. And we face many challenges: you need a specific product quality - precisely tailored to your application process? No problem. You need goods in a specific container size, pack size or grain size? No problem. We specialise in versatile supply and logistics concepts - our responsibility for our customers' concerns doesn't just end at a high-bay warehouse.