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Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s largest almond marketer and processor. It is responsible for developing the industry and opening up world markets more than 100 years ago when Spain and Italy were the major producers of almonds. While the U.S. market is the largest single market for almonds, more than 70 percent of them are exported to 95 countries worldwide. Almonds are California’s largest food export and they rank among the top ten food exports in America. California produces more than 80 percent of the world’s supply.

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Business News  24 September 2018

Relief strategy: Almond and cherry subsidies added to Trump’s bailout package for farmers

24 Sep 2018 --- Producers of shelled almonds and fresh sweet cherries will be able to apply for part of a bailout package aimed at mitigating the losses suffered by US farmers in the midst of country’s trade disputes. In July, President Trump pledged a US$12 billion emergency bailout package for producers affected by escalating trade disputes. At the time much, the US Administration said that much of the aid would be directed towards payments to farmers of soybeans, sorghum and wheat, but now it’s been extended to include almonds and cherries.

Food Ingredients News  31 August 2017

Boesch Boden Spies expands range to include Salted Caramel Almonds

31 Aug 2017 --- Sweet and salty is all the rage, according to ingredients specialist Bösch Boden Spies. To cater to this trend, the company has now added salty-caramel flavored almonds to its range. “Salted Caramel” is the latest addition to the producer Blue Diamond’s “Flavored Almonds” line, which combines the popular ingredient with new flavors.

Food Ingredients News  13 June 2017

Boesch Boden Spies Brings Trendy ‘Flavored Almonds’ to Europe

13 Jun 2017 --- Ingredients specialist Bösch Boden Spies is now offering European food manufacturers a new ingredient that caters to several trends, such as the quest for new, unusual taste combinations by today’s increasingly adventurous consumers, and many consumers’ desire to combine pleasure and healthy eating. 

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From TWOFI  02 March 2012

The Supplier View: Snacking and Nuts

02 Mar 2012 --- The number one challenge for manufacturers will be the availability and affordability of the desired tree nut ingredient.

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16 November 2016

The Continuing Market Rise of Almond Flour and Almond Milks

16 Nov 2016 --- Bill Morecraft highlights the popularity of almond products, particularly almond milk, which has grown explosively in the last five to six years, there is a lot of growth, interestingly, outside of the US. "We continue to work on a number of platforms," he says.

16 July 2012

Repositioning a Leading Almond Ingredient Supplier

16 Jul 2012 --- Bill Morecraft of Blue Diamond Growers on Repositioning a Leading Almond Ingredient Supplier.

17 October 2011

New Market Opportunities for Almonds

17 Oct 2011 --- Warren Cohen of Blue Diamond Growers on New Market Opportunities for Almonds.