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Alland & Robert

Alland & Robert is headquartered in Paris and has two facilities in Normandy. In 2015, Alland & Robert produced over 13,000 tons of Gum Acacia. Alland & Robert provides customers with a fully dedicated R&D team, research programs and exclusive partnerships with globally recognized universities.

Acacia gum is a 100 % natural hydrocolloid that embodies today’s market trends: multifunctional, sustainable and natural. It is also a natural fiber alternative that is used in dairy and dietary products in the health, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Alland & Robert offers both senegal and seyal grades of gum acacia, useful for many applications: 

-    Confectionery: regular and sugar free coating, gum drops
-    Flavors: emulsions, encapsulation, bulking agent
-    Beverage: emulsions, stabilizations
-    Wine: stabilization of coloring matters, mouth feel improvement
-    Dairy products: fiber claim
-    Dietary products: soluble fiber, health benefit
-    Snacking: natural glue
-    Bakery: extruded products
-    Pharmaceutical products: coating, tableting
-    Cosmetics: thickening agent
-    Technical: carbonless paper, agglomerating agents

Furthermore, Alland & Robert is the leader of gum karaya, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

As an expert in gum acacia and gum karaya, Alland & Robert offers extensive products and services:

-    Safe and sustainable supplying – traceability of raw material
-    High production and storage capacity – security and stability
-    Dedicated lab and R&D team – experts in gum acacia
-    Strong worldwide distributor network – flexibility and proximity


Articles On FoodIngredientsFirst


Food Ingredients News  12 October 2018

Indian ventures: Alland & Robert and Sayaji collaborate on acacia gum production

12 Oct 2018 --- S.D.P.A., the holding company which owns French leader in natural gums Alland & Robert, is partnering with Indian-based company Sayaji Industries Limited (Sayaji) to form a joint venture. The main goal of this collaboration is to manufacture locally and supply spray dried acacia gum for the growing Indian market.

Food Ingredients News  09 January 2018

Alland & Robert introduces innovative Karaya gum to the food industry

09 Jan 2018 --- Leader in Karaya gum manufacturing, Alland & Robert has developed a method of physical treatment that reduces the total plate count of hydrocolloids while preserving all their functional properties. As a natural gum coming from wild trees, Karaya gum is a natural and vegetal ingredient that can be used for many food and pharmaceutical applications.

Food Research  27 September 2017

Consumer nutrition knowledge study highlights untapped potential for acacia gum

27 Sep 2017 --- Alland & Robert has released the results of a survey it asked the polling organization Toluna to carry out in the UK, Germany, Japan and the US. The questions asked were about the general public’s nutritional knowledge, in particular regarding acacia gum, and the varied results are described by Alland & Robert as “both surprising and unexpected.”

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Sustainable Strategy: Supply Chain Clarity

21 Jun 2017 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on transparency. What is driving the demand for clearer labels and what role can ingredients suppliers play?

From TWOFI  01 February 2015

Opinion Edge: The Sweet Trends You Must Follow

01 Feb 2015 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the trends to watch in the confectionery sector. How will the clean label trend develop in confectionery and which ingredients are helping to drive this?

Video Interviews


14 December 2018

Rising to the plant-based texturizing challenge

14 Dec 2018 --- At HiE 2018, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Isabelle Jaouen of Alland & Robert about the company's range of ingredients, including the Syndeo range. This range is based on a blend of natural and vegetal hydrocolloids that can be used as a functional additive in food and drinks, including dairy-free beverages

06 February 2017

Natural Gum Acacia Addresses Need for Clean Label Produce

06 Feb 2017 --- Alland & Robert presented its full acacia fiber range. To meet all public and industry expectations Alland & Robert’s variety of acacia fibers includes organic references: Seyal grade, Acacia Fiber 339 Organic, and Senegal grade, Acacia Fiber 399 Organic. These references have been specifically developed to serve the growing demand for organic products in mature markets such as Europe and North America. To ensure full traceability of the gum, Alland & Robert is not only organic certified for its manufacturing process, but is only working with African suppliers who deliver organic raw materials certified by local accredited organisms. As a natural, allergen and GMO free food additive, Gum Acacia offers a high safety level to the food and beverage industry. Alland & Robert also guarantees a minimum fiber content of 90% for all products of the acacia fiber range that can be added to any product formulation to increase the percentage of fiber.

07 December 2015

New Market Opportunities for Acacia Gum Ingredients

07 Dec 2015 --- Acacia Gum’s natural qualities and consistency make it very popular in the food industry, and among the world's leading food groups. Alland & Robert supplies most major food companies worldwide, but also works closely with the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. CEO, Frederic Alland discusses new market opportunities.