Spice exploration: Symrise tempts with ethnic flavors


08 Jun 2018 --- Major flavor supplier Symrise claims to have created “previously unexplored ethnic spices and seasonings” that have their roots in Latin America, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Growing consumer trends toward exciting exotic and ethnic spices and seasoning flavors are driving new product development.

The producer of flavors and fragrances has responded with an in-depth study of Latin American, North African and Southeast Asian foods and beverages, compiling its findings in product literature and developing flavors and seasonings they claim can inspire breakthrough product development concepts.

“Along with the input of our chefs, we were driven to create flavors and seasonings based on the growing interest in Latin American cuisine of every kind and the increasing awareness and popularity of spices found in North African and Southeast Asian foods,” says Dylan Thompson, Marketing & Consumer Insight Manager with Symrise’s Marketing and Consumer Insights Group.

“We encourage our customers to request informative literature, gathered from our hands-on exploration of these areas. We also invite customers to request samples of Symrise flavors and seasonings that deliver authentic taste experiences of the countries and regions we have cited.”

“Customers will discover previously unexplored ethnic spices and seasonings that have their roots across the continents.”

According to Symrise, there is also renewed interest in Mexican cuisine and the company’s Regional Mexican Seasoning Concepts booklet presents recipes from the Puebla, Oaxaca, Yucatan and Baja regions featuring spices and seasonings commonly used in these areas. 

On top of this, there are other brochures, including Latin American Tastes that Go Beyond Mexico, which covers recipes from renowned chefs in Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Peru. The North African Seasoning Concepts brochure which focuses on recipes that include Piri Piri hot sauce, Harissa, Moroccan barbecue spices, and the spicy blend known as Berbere. 

There is also a recipe highlighting the Tagine-style of cooking. The Inspirations from Southeast Asia is another booklet that defines cooking styles and seasonings from Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, along with recipes for special dishes from each of these countries.

The literature about spices and seasonings from Latin American, North Africa and Southeast Asia was compiled through Symrise’s wide array of global research tools, including Chefs United, an online community of 35,000 chefs sharing their expertise.

Symrise also tapped into the Flavor Designers Club, its online panel that is comprised of “foodies”; and, the knowledge gathered from experiential treks undertaken by the company’s flavor team. 

“These diverse tools enabled us to integrate the insights of professionals and consumers alike so we can provide a complete understanding of the spices and seasonings that are driving the trends that lead to successful product development,” adds Thompson.

“And with that understanding, we were able to develop flavors and seasonings that deliver a truly authentic experience from these regions.”

In May, Symrise conducted an in-depth study of fermented ingredients and how they are making a comeback, especially among Millennial consumers. As consumers become more concerned about the processing their foods endure to make it to the table, techniques perceived as more natural help to provide reassurance, it showed. 

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