“Heat&Go”: SIG launches microwaveable carton for mobile drinking convenience

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19 Jul 2018 --- SIG has developed a new microwaveable aseptic carton designed specifically for on-the-go consumption of liquid dairy, non-carbonated soft drinks and broth with low viscosity products. The new “Heat&Go” pack is aluminum free and can be heated in a microwave, either in a vending machine, store, café, home or office. SIG cite the rising consumer trend for hot drinks that can be consumed on-the-go – particularly in Asia – as the inspiration behind the design.

SIG’s research in China revealed that 72 percent of consumers are dissatisfied with current heating methods for on-the-go products and are looking for new methods of fast and convenient heating in line with their increasingly affluent and time-sensitive lifestyles.

“We are seeing Click to Enlargeworldwide interest in the “Heat&Go” package, in particular from Asia, Europe, and South America. People need warm food and beverage products with increased convenience for their busy on-the-go lifestyles,” Ali Kaylan, Vice President of Global Marketing at SIG tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

“We wanted to offer an innovative solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of consumers. At the same time, we wanted to develop a solution in a way that required no new investment, equipment rebuilding, or added complexity,” Kaylan says.

“The structure has to fulfill the same requirements as our standard packaging when it comes to the barrier functionality, an extended shelf-life, sterility, tightness on our equipment and safety for the microwave heating processClick to Enlarge. Transport stability and other supply-chain topics also had to be addressed. We succeeded in addressing every requirement,” Kaylan adds.

“Heat&Go” offers protection to beverage products, and can be produced on existing SIG filling machines with a simple, one-time upgrade to enable it to run standard and aluminum-free material structures.

By replacing the aluminum foil with a high-barrier film and a light blocking pigment, “Heat&Go” protects the product from oxygen ingress, flavor migration, light and water, and is perfectly suited for still drinks and low viscosity, sensitive, enhanced juice and liquid dairy beverages.

“As with all our carton packs, the main resource of “Heat&Go” is paperboard made from natural and renewable wood. We purchase all of our paperboard from sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),” Kaylan explains. “This means that our suppliers meet the strict criteria for managing forests sustainably and respecting local communities and indigenous peoples. Independent auditors check compliance.”

The “Heat&Go” carton is opening up new drinking occasions and targeting new consumer groups. It is an exciting leading technology from SIG, serving the Asian market in particular, where differentiation and innovation are key to attracting today’s on-the-go consumer.

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Ali Kaylan: “Our new high-barrier aseptic carton,
‘Heat&Go' can be heated in the microwave up to 60°C,
with ​​​​a recommended temperature of 50°C.”

As part of its Value Proposition, SIG aims to drive Product Innovation and Differentiation by delivering innovative product and packaging solutions which enable businesses to satisfy the ever-changing needs of an increasingly mobile society.

“We will shortly publish an announcement together with the first “Heat&Go” customer,” Kaylan tells FoodIngredientsFirst.

By Joshua Poole

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