Clean label: Ulrick & Short launches cold swelling starches

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03 Aug 2018 --- Ulrick & Short has expanded their clean label ingredient range which, according to the company, promises to solve problems for manufacturers in achieving stability and thickening in gentle factory processes. The innovative ingredients provide the same functional properties and performance as a pregelatinized starch, without requiring high shear mixing.

The cold swelling products, named synergie L726 and synergie 77, can be applied to very gentle mixing processes without clumping, and therefore enables the full functional performance of the starch. They have been physically processed to increase the starch particle size and porosity, making the product more dispersible, and easier to apply and process, all the while retaining the clean label status. Also, in keeping with the rest of their range, they are non-GM, vegan-friendly, and gluten and allergen free.

The new products provide other manufacturing benefits too, says Ulrick & Short. These include a reduction in dusting and sticking, improved product flow behavior, and overall making storage, handling and feeding of materials significantly easier. This means synergie 77 and L726 are suitable for a broad range of factory applications, including sandwich and pie fillings, dips and sauces, ready meals, to desserts and sweet applications such as cheesecakes.

R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, says: “This solves a real headache for a lot of manufacturers. We have seen time and time again where manufacturers experience difficulties with clumping and general lack of dispersibility when applying starches; this both wastes time and also ensures that manufacturers won’t get the best out of the ingredient.”

Schroeter adds: “Previously, manufacturers would have to use high shear equipment to unlock the functionality of functional ingredients, potentially damaging the texture and quality of the finished product in the process. With synergie 77 and synergie L726, this is no longer necessary, that’s why they are genuinely innovative ingredients.”

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