ready meals & side dishes

02 Nov 2022
--- British online food service company Deliveroo has announced a £2.5 million (US$2.8 million) investment to subsidize the cost of more environmentally sustainable packaging and to encourage restaurant partners to move... Read More
12 Oct 2022
--- Innova Market Insights has identified “Redefining Value” as its top F&B trend for 2023, as consumers adapt to a global cost-of-living crisis in the face of economic and political volatility. With budgets... Read More
23 Sep 2022
--- Food-tech start-up Anina Culinary Art is launching a new way to combat food waste and supply nutrient-rich meals to consumers. The company uses “ugly” vegetables and turns them into ready-to-make meals, tapping... Read More
25 Aug 2022
--- Scientists have recently discovered that mealworms can be transformed into a “meat-like” flavoring that could aid in searching for more sustainable meat sources. With the addition of heat, sugar and some consumer... Read More
08 Aug 2022
--- 70/30 Food Tech, a Shanghai-based alternative protein firm, is introducing ready meal items based on its in-house biomass fermented protein. This protein is a meat substitute based on mycelium, which has the texture and... Read More
28 Jul 2022
--- Campaigners are naming some of the world’s top multinational food companies in a report revealing items high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) are often mislabeled as nutritional products. The findings, published by Action... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- Ingredion has unveiled its first waxy rice-based texturizing solutions that use environmentally sustainably farmed rice ingredients. The launch comes as the company is on track to achieve 100% sustainably sourced waxy rice... Read More
25 Jul 2022
--- Premier Foods is acquiring 100% of The Spice Tailor shares. The Spice Tailor is an authentic Indian and South East Asian meal kit and accompaniment brand. On a cash and debt-free basis, the purchase price amounts to... Read More
01 Jul 2022
--- Disagreements on how to interpret “processed foods” mean there is no consensus on the nutrition and healthfulness of food, a new study has revealed.
22 Jun 2022
--- The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute (KHNI) is highlighting the health priority of governments to reduce sodium intake across the globe to battle the main cause of high blood pressure, leading to strokes and heart... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- Following the UK government’s decision not to implement additional taxes on salt and sugar, criticism keeps floating in from several organizations around the UK, claiming the government is siding “with industry... Read More
15 Jun 2022
--- ZenB has launched a new variety of gluten-free spaghetti made with yellow peas including the skins. This comes at a time where there is a renewed R&D and NPD focus in reformulating pasta shapes and flavors, even... Read More
08 Jun 2022
--- Nutrition experts are deliberating the findings of two studies published in Great Debates in Nutrition, one which evidences the increased risks of morbidity and disease correlated with ultra-processed foods, and another... Read More
10 May 2022
--- Frozen food company Nomad Foods is urging F&B regulators across Europe to develop a comprehensive end-to-end approach to the life cycle of products. This should include data in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) that is... Read More
04 May 2022
--- As the war in Ukraine rages on, major Western companies are coming under increasing scrutiny for continuing business dealings with Russia despite the raising of sanctions and divestments by governments and industry... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- Multivac is presenting a new compact and fully automatic traysealer for food, supermarkets and large kitchen applications at the ongoing Anuga FoodTec 2022 trade show in Cologne, Germany. Michael Wolters, a product... Read More
21 Apr 2022
--- Unilever is raising the age for restricting F&B marketing to children aged between 13-16 in recognition of the influence social media and digital adverts can have on young people. At the same time, the scientific... Read More
13 Apr 2022
--- Vertically integrated poultry company Cooks Venture and Food In-Depth have created a QR code-backed “No Antibiotics Ever” label for poultry, endorsed by the US Drug Administration.
07 Apr 2022
--- Chipotle Mexican Grill is testing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to enhance its traceability and inventory systems at its Chicago, US, distribution center and approximately 200 restaurants in the greater... Read More
05 Apr 2022
--- Culinary and functional solutions specialist Solina has acquired Sauces et Créations and Atelier D2i, both France-based experts in producing savory and sweet made-to-measure sauces.