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Carbery is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and nutritional dairy ingredients as well as flavours and cheeses. Carbery’s nutrition business pioneers, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of advanced whey proteins for the infant, sport, clinical nutrition, and mainstream food and beverage markets.

Carbery invests in pioneering research on the bioactivity of dairy peptides to expand their market-leading Optipep® whey protein hydrolysate range. This innovation brings valuable new insight into the role of hydrolysed dairy proteins in improving muscle health, mobility, insulin sensitivity and appetite control. 

Taste and Nutrition Innovation continues to be the key driver of Carbery’s growth and will remain central to its continued long-term success. The company has built multidisciplinary innovation teams focused on advancing protein research and flavour technologies, supporting our customers success in the marketplace.


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Food Ingredients News  29 January 2018

Winter sports (Part 1): The mainstreaming of dairy proteins and the active consumer

29 Jan 2018 --- Fueling the body for outdoor winter sports can be a challenging process. In contrast to activities in the summer, during the winter months, the body can be under pressure to maintain physical stamina. The sports and active nutrition market have been enjoying a steady growth, with many amateur athletes looking to increase their performance with the use of protein-enriched foods, bars and supplements, this market is expected to grow at a steady rate for the foreseeable future. Nutrition is closely linked to health and wellness, with many of today’s consumers often opting for the healthier choices and this is not only when it comes to food but also when it comes to sports and fitness.

Food Ingredients News  29 November 2017

Carbery launches addition to hydrolyzed whey protein range: Optipep 4bars

29 Nov 2017 --- Carbery has launched the latest innovation from its hydrolyzed whey protein range, Optipep 4bars. This new ingredient is designed specifically to deliver a soft texture throughout shelf-life while enhancing the nutritional profile.

From TWOFI  20 November 2017

Opinion Edge: Dairy for the Future

Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends to watch in dairy. Which trends are driving new product development and where are the opportunities?

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14 December 2016

New Concepts in Sports Performance

Visitors to the joint Carbery/Synergy stand were able to sample a wide variety of food and beverages that demonstrate the applications and formulation expertise that are available. In line with growing market trends for high protein diets, Carbery showcased the latest in its dairy protein technology with beverages and snacks enriched with its hydrolyzed whey protein, Optipep. In combination with Synergy’s bitterness masking expertise, manufacturers could see how to optimize the nutritional content of beverages, while also offering an exceptional taste experience. Synergy demonstrated its bitterness masking capabilities with a range of flavors that are effective in disguising bitter off-notes in a range of protein-based products. In addition, Synergy presented its range of natural essences and extracts, Synergy Pure, which include tea, coffee, fruit and vegetables, botanicals and vanilla profiles. 

08 December 2014

Flavor Mapping Application for Dairy Proteins

Carbery Food Ingredients and Synergy Flavors unveiled “Taste for Performance,” a unique collaborative protein and flavor platform. The collective knowledge and capabilities of both companies in high protein applications provide formulators with an ability to develop nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that “strike the perfect balance of taste and performance.” Brought to life through a series of specially flavored prototypes including a unique ready to drink beverage, visitors had an opportunity to experience the exceptional flavor and nutrition impact that this platform makes possible.