Fonterra to Reveal Virtual Store at Food Ingredients Asia 2016


14 Sep 2016 --- Fonterra is exhibiting at Food Ingredients Asia for the first time and will unveil its new NZMP Virtual Store at the conference, where the latest innovations in ingredients will be showcased.  

Delegates will experience a New Zealand dairy farm up close with the 360° NZMP Virtual Reality. They will also have access to world-leading dairy scientists and technical staff to understand the science and innovation of NZMP products and how food companies can benefit from using NZMP Ingredients.
Conference attendees will be able to browse an extensive range of NZMP dairy fats, powder, protein and specialty ingredients, all at the touch of their fingertips at the NZMP Virtual Store. The 48” touchscreen takes the customer on a personalised journey through the benefits and applications of one of the broadest dairy ingredient offerings worldwide. Here customers can see the full breadth of offering and find out more about some of the hero ingredients on display at FIA, Jakarta, including NZMP Gold Instant Wholemilk Powder and the NZMP SureProtein range. For those interested in purchasing, a Fonterra Account Manager will be on hand to discuss the next steps. 

Hamish Gowans, General Manager NZMP Ingredients for South & East Asia says Fonterra has a long history of partnering with Asian food and beverage companies and attending FIA is a great way to share the company’s dairy expertise in science and innovation with the region. “Customer’s manufacturing needs vary a great deal. We have the benefit of being able to draw on expertise from the world’s largest dairy research centre and extensive knowledge about the manufacturing process to provide unmatched, consistent performance across an array of products and solutions. “Delegates at FIA will be able to experience Fonterra from the farm, to the lab, to the shelf, as well as have the opportunity to delve into an array of practical applications for their own company’s food products. 
Attendees at the conference will be able to sample many of NZMP’s ingredients, including NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder, NZMP Butter in chocolate truffles and cookies, NZMP SureProteinTM Whey Protein Concentrate 550 in ready-to-drink beverages and NZMP Milk Protein Concentrate 70 in several high protein milks. NZMP is responsible for 22 per cent of all dairy products traded worldwide and offers customers 3,800 product SKUs within five product families – powders, dairy fats, cheese, paediatrics and proteins.



Our business is based on sourcing secure, high quality milk and unlocking its natural goodness in ways that add real value to our customers and consumers around the world.

Dairy sets the gold standard for nutrition and we see a growing global population wanting the best of what we can offer.

Our story starts with our farmer shareholders who, over the last 140 years, have built up their Co-operative to be a world leader in dairy excellence.  These strong and independent farmers are the heart of Fonterra. They stand together as one, united in their focus on excellence and quality.

Supporting our farmers, we have 16,000 passionate people in New Zealand and around the world working to make dairy available to millions of consumers in 140 countries every day.

Together with our Shareholders, the Fonterra team produces more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer products each year and 95 per cent of these are exported to a world wanting more and more of the nutritional benefits we offer.

With generations of expertise behind us, we’ve grown to be at the forefront of dairy innovation providing more value to consumers and we will be for the generations to come.

Our name says it all. Fonterra means ‘spring from the land’ which is where it all begins and where our future lies.

Our story doesn’t end here. Dairy is a pure and natural product with unlimited potential and nutritional possibilities we’ve yet to explore.

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