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Creating Optimal Clean Label Supplements

03 Aug 2017 --- For decades, gelatin has been the safe and only choice for hard and soft capsule manufacturers.

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Food Ingredients News

Key Interview: Rousselot Target Protein Enrichment Using Gelatin

19 Jun 2017 --- Widely used in the production of food, gelatin offers manufacturers across all categories an unrivaled set of functionalities. Rousselot’s range of products includes gelatin, hydrolyzed gelatin, as well as gelatin solutions facilitating innovation. 

Food Ingredients News

Special Report: Confectionery & Chocolate Trends – It’s Not Only Sugar Reduction on the Menu

04 Apr 2017 --- Sugar remains the key ingredient delivering the sweetness and great taste that consumers are looking for, specifically in the chocolate and confectionery sectors. The quest to combine taste and health is driving NPD, as the industry faces the challenge of balancing public demand to reduce added sugars and create indulgent experiences, while at the same time presenting clean label products.

Food Ingredients News

Special Report: The Supplier View - 2017 Food Trends

03 Jan 2017 --- Clean label is the new standard and 2016 was full of announcements around reformulation strategies, specifically sugar and sodium reduction. Last year, Mars announced that it will remove all artificial colors from its human food products as part of a commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences. By expanding the scope of the effort to its entire human food portfolio, Mars says it is making a commitment of significant depth and breadth. 

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Villaume Kal Joins NIZO as New CEO

03 Aug 2016 --- NIZO food research, a global contract research organization for companies in the food and health industries, is pleased to welcome Villaume Kal (46) as the new CEO as of August 2016.   

Business News

Shares up Over 30 Percent as Darling’s Gelatin Business Excites Investors

03 Mar 2016 --- Darling Ingredients, the food, feed and biodiesel company, has reported its fourth quarter profits were up 21 percent to $84.4 million, driven by an improved performance of its gelatin business. Revenues slipped 19 percent to $809 million in the quarter, due to the sustained weakness in global commodity markets but the company offered an upbeat outlook for the future.

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