Plastique Limited Introduces New Thermoformed rPET / PAPER Packaging


17 Jun 2010 --- Paperlite rPET is manufactured in a BRC IoP; ISO 9001 facility & is suitable for packaging solutions in both the MAP barrier food & non food sectors.

17 Jun 2010 --- Thermoformed Paper packaging innovation Paperlite rPET, by Plastique, was launched at the Total Processing & Packaging show has received a rapturous reception.

Paperlite rPET is an innovative new thermoformed paper based packaging concept; composed with FSC certified sustainable paper & rPET polymer; this new material can be formed to create soft sculptural shallow packs that will bring an innovative, naturally tactile quality to your product or brand.

Paperlite rPET can be pre-printed, thermoformed, film lidded, heat sealed to itself or to conventional rPET rigid plastic packaging; to create a limitless variety of unique packaging presentations at POS.

Paperlite rPET is manufactured in a BRC IoP; ISO 9001 facility & is suitable for packaging solutions in both the MAP barrier food & non food sectors.

Paperlite rPET products are:

Made with naturally tactile 60% FSC certified paper & 40% rPET. Produced with PEFC certified cellulose from sustainable renewable feedstock & post consumer or Food Grade rPET.
25% lighter than an equivalent strength - 100% polymer based pack.
Printable with full colour and text options; Flexo - 7 colours on the front & 1 on the reverse.
Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications.
Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications.
Heat sealable to themselves or to a full range of compatible lidding films; ranging from tamper proof to Easy Peel for customer convenience.

Paperlite rPET packaging solutions include:

Thermoformed Shallow trays
Vac Formed Blister packs
Thermoformed Clamshell hinged packs
Formed Window Packs
Vacuum Formed Pouches

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