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A leading creator of flavor solutions for beverages, sweet goods, savory, and dairy products around the world, IFF helps customers deliver on the promise of delicious foods and drinks that consumers love.
Their people—passionate, creative, and experts in their fields—combine creativity, brand understanding and consumer insights with focus on R&D and innovation bringing customers unique offerings that differentiate their products in the marketplace. Their extensive portfolio of health and wellness solutions, including naturals and proprietary ingredients and technologies, help ensure that healthier products are enjoyed by consumers in every market.
IFF's CulinEssence program has brought fresh culinary insights and innovation both to their customers and to their internal technical and creative teams. The program is a creative combination of global culinary arts, married with cutting-edge flavor technology and food science.
Their CoolTek program is high-intensity cooling technology that uses proprietary molecules to impart a unique taste sensation for a clean, refreshing, energizing taste and feel that complement any flavor profile.

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From TWOFI  22 June 2018

Merging flavors: inside IFF’s move for Frutarom

In a detailed interview, Andreas Fibig, Chairman & CEO of IFF notes that the acquisition of Frutarom is very much part of the company’s strategy to balance their customer base.

Food Ingredients News  15 June 2018

World Cup flavor fever: Russian blends and cuisines take center stage

15 Jun 2018 --- With football World Cup hosts Russia opening up their campaign with a 5-0 drubbing of Saudi Arabia yesterday, a higher sense of optimism now exists around the national team, despite their lowly world ranking and recent form. Flavors and cuisines from the hosting country are also in the spotlight. World Cups and Olympic Games offer consumers the chance to try out new cuisines from the spotlighted host countries and this year is no exception, with a wealth of flavors and cuisines on offer from this vast and diverse country.

Business News  04 June 2018

Trade war: US farming industry fears it’s in the firing line

04 Jun 2018 --- The US agricultural industry is bracing itself to feel the full force of any potential trade war between America and the European Union as well as other nations who may retaliate against President Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum. 

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24 July 2017

The launch and strategy behind TastePoint

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. have launched Tastepoint by IFF – a new company designed to service the dynamic middle-market customer in North America. Tastepoint by IFF represents the merger of David Michael & Co. and Ottens Flavors, two esteemed companies with long histories in the industry and reputations for outstanding service and products.

27 June 2016

Strengthening in Supplier Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a key point for differentiation in the flavors sector, with major suppliers keen to demonstrate their green credentials. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) recently released its 2015 sustainability results and launched a new sustainability strategy. IFF claims to be embracing a new aspirational vision to lead positive transformational changes toward a “regenerative, healthy and abundant world.”