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Dutch Spices bv

Dutch Spices strives to make tasty food for everybody, including people with food allergies. Therefore Dutch Spices excludes the 24 most known allergens: the 14 allergens with compulsory labeling following the European Legislations as well as the additional 10 allergens from the LeDa-list. These allergens are not present in the recipe and neither through cross-contamination, in accordance with the VITAL standard.
Dutch Spices is producer from herbs, spices, blends, marinades, sauces, chutneys, stocks & bouillons, bread crumbs and gravy. 
Dutch Spices is a leading partner in new product development for (industrial) customers with extensive experience in various applications, including meat, fish, chicken, vegetarian meat alternatives, potatoes and dairy. Introducing ‘free-from’ projects is one of our main goals. Herewith we help our customers to reduce allergens in their supply chain.


Articles On FoodIngredientsFirst


Food Ingredients News  12 June 2014

Dutch Spices: The First Company in Europe to Produce Marinades and Sauces Free of 24 Allergens

12 Jun 2014 --- Dutch Spices introduces the new production line of marinades and sauces. This makes the company from Nijkerk the first European company that’s able to offer dry spice mixtures, marinades and sauces free of the 24 allergens from the LeDa-List.

Business News  11 April 2014

Dutch Spices ‘Company of the Year 2014’

11 Apr 2014 --- Dutch Spices won the title "Company of the Year" in the category Industry and Services during the Business Event Nijkerk. Dutch Spices won the battle from two other nominees, the Estate Salentein and the multinational Arla Foods. "This is a confirmation that we are on the right track," said Frank Patz, director of Dutch Spices.

Video Interviews


08 January 2018

Nomination for FiE Innovation Awards and overarching trends – Dutch Spices

08 Jan 2018 --- Dutch Spices is meeting consumer demand for allergen free herbs, spices, blends, marinades, sauces, chutneys, stocks and bouillons with a range of solutions that exclude the 24 most known allergens: 14 allergens with compulsory labeling following the European legislation and 10 additional allergens from the LeDa-list. At FiE 2017, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Bob van Tuyn about the company’s latest innovations and its FiE Innovation Awards nomination.

05 January 2017

Innovation in Spices and Marinades Free From 24 Allergens

05 Jan 2017 --- During last years HiE show Dutch Spices presented their latest innovations all free from 24 allergens. Guus Brouwer discusses with FoodIngredientsFirst the demand for allergen free foods, challenges in the food industry and the development of tasty herbs and spice blends, crumbs, sauces, marinades and chutneys.

15 December 2014

The Challenges of Creating an Allergen Free Spice Range

15 Dec 2014 --- Dutch Spices utilizes a very clean and strict monitoring procedure in order to allergen-free products. The company’s products comply with the strict VITAL standard and this means no allergens or ingredients that could possibly cause cross-contamination.