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Fat Replacers, Fibers, Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients, Proteins - Animal Or Plant Origin, Starch and Starch Products

Cosucra Groupe Warcoing

Cosucra has been processing natural ingredients since 1852. But we are not just a supplier. We partner with our customers, providing market expertise, extensive clinical research, and experience in regulatory affairs to help them improve existing products and develop new ones. Partnerships with more than 400 food manufacturers and more than 1,000  product references worldwide demonstrate that Cosucra works alongside clients from idea to launch and from seed to food.

Our product range :

Fibruline® range - Chicory inulin
Fibrulose® range - Chicory oligofructose
Pisane® range - Pea protein isolate
Swelite® range - Pea fiber
Exafine® range - Pea hull fiber
Nastar® range - Pea native starch

Fibruline® (inulin) & Fibrulose® (oligofructose) are soluble fibres obtained from chicory root. They are tasteless, odourless and easy-to-process. They can be easily added into a lot of food & beverages products for nutritional benefits as fibre-enrichment, gut health, sugar & fat replacement.

Pisane® is a highly pure pea protein isolate that provides high levels of nutrition and functionality. This non-dairy protein is the substainable and effective alternative to regular protein isolate. Pisane® can be used in a lot of applications as weight management, sport, healthy ageing, free from products, vegan and medical nutritions.

Swelite®, pea fibre, is a highly functional solution for meat, fish and ready meals producers. Swelite®, is a clean label solution, improves texture, juiciness and yield of products, ensures a better processability and saves costs.

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Food Ingredients News  19 October 2018

Cosucra to issue “substantial” pea protein price increases

19 Oct 2018 --- Cosucra is increasing the prices of their pea protein isolate ingredient, Pisane, effective January 1, 2019. This price increase, according to Cosucra, will enable the company to continue to its technological, sustainability and farm to fork traceability leadership positions in meeting their customers’ increasing demand in pea protein consumption globally, while supporting the pea fiber and pea starch business. Other pea-based ingredients in their portfolio are unaffected.

Food Ingredients News  20 August 2018

Pea protein potential: Cosucra advances on NPD amid evolving consumer demands

20 Aug 2018 --- Cosucra, founded in 1852, has undergone a profound transformation over the last 30 years to become a pioneer in the production of healthy ingredients derived from chicory root and yellow pea. The company’s most recent investments in its pea factory in Belgium, which doubled pea protein isolate, fiber and starch capacity, have been completed in 2018 and increased to €35 million (US$40.4 million) in a bid to further support increasing consumer demand in the US market and suit the needs of the industry.

Food Ingredients News  20 June 2018

Cosucra finalizes investment project for pea protein expansion in the US

20 Jun 2018 --- Cosucra, originally active in sugar production, has undergone a profound transformation over the last twenty years to become a pioneer in the production of healthy ingredients derived from chicory and pea. The company’s most recent investments in its pea factory have been finalized and increased to €35 million (US$40.4 million) in a bid to conquer the US market and suit the needs of the industry. Half of this investment came from bank loans and half from self-financing, according to Cosucra.

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From TWOFI  01 December 2016

Opinion Edge: The Supplier View: 2017 Food Trends

01 Dec 2016 --- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on key food industry trends to watch. What will be the key consumer trends driving the food industry forward in 2017 and how are they impacting supplier R&D development?

Video Interviews


11 December 2017

Using chicory root fiber to target sugar reduction – Cosucra

11 Dec 2017 --- Cosucra is renowned for its production of high-quality food ingredients and wants to help their customers to meet the challenges of the future. The company just recently changed the company profile and communication profile, based on "Thinking Food Better. Naturally." Michel Dewael discussed with FoodIngredientFirst their two main raw materials - pea protein and chicory root fibers.

28 June 2017

Inulin Based Solutions for Sugar Reduction

28 Jun 2017 --- Cosucra recently achieved a new health claim. “The concept of sugar reduction is getting more and more important as sugar is getting more demonized and people are looking for solutions to be able to reduce sugar in the long term,” Ronny Platteeuw tells FoodIngredientsFirst. Cosucra have introduced an inulin and fructose chicory root and a liquid fiber which is designed to reduce sugar content.

18 June 2015

Inside Cosucra's EUR30 Million Investment in Pea Protein Production

18 Jun 2015 --- The investment, which is highly significant for a medium-sized company, came as a direct result of demand for protein. “For the last 5 years we have developed a lot of concepts to use pea protein and finally we achieved success, especially in the US market, because there was a real demand for new vegetable proteins. And we were in such demand that we had to hurry up this investment. We decided in September 2013 and finally it was in operation of March this year,” Jacques Crahay, the company’s fifth generation CEO.