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Opinion edge: 2019 – Great expectations

19 Dec 2018 ---  Key suppliers offer their thoughts on trends to look out for in 2019 and beyond. How do we meet the demands of a more adventurous consumer?

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Food Ingredients News

Kerry taste charts 2019: “Blooming botanicals, sensorial tastes and ethnic flavors tipped for success”

16 Jan 2019 --- Taste & Nutrition company Kerry has launched its annual taste charts for 2019, touting botanicals and ethnic flavors as key themes to watch. The initiative captures the predictions of emerging flavor trends across food and beverage markets, with a focus on five key categories: savory, snacks, sweets and hot and cold beverages. The projections leverage the expertise of Kerry’s flavorists, baristas and culinary experts, alongside consumer trends and NPD in retail and foodservice.

Business News

Corbion expands non-GMO powdered vinegar production amid sustainability push

04 Jan 2019 --- Corbion, a leading supplier of biobased food and biochemical ingredients, has completed construction for in-house production of the powdered vinegar component on which the company has based numerous sustainable, clean label solutions for food applications. The new state-of-the-art facility for creating non-GMO powdered vinegar, located in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, is now fully operational.

Food Ingredients News

What’s going to be hot in 2019? “Adventurous” and plant-based eating accelerates, increased calls for transparency expected

02 Jan 2019 --- Globalization has sparked consumers’ curiosity around new food and drinks, exciting flavors and new ways of eating, as they become more knowledgeable of other cultures. This is resulting in brands bringing more variety to the market. Heightened sensory delivery, storytelling and novelty are providing ways for brands to engage with more adventurous, hedonistic consumers. FoodIngredientsFirst takes a closer look at the hotly tipped top trends for this coming year, including the “adventurous” consumer, plant-based eating and increased calls for transparency.

Food Ingredients News

Corbion targets Asian confectionery with malic acid coating for humid climates

20 Dec 2018 --- Corbion has launched PURAC Powder MA 74, a so-called “revolutionary” malic acid coating for sanding sugar confectionery in high-temperature and humid environments common to Asia. Specially designed for the region’s unique requirements, PURAC Powder MA 74 unleashes new flavor opportunities while maintaining quality, shelf-life and consumer appeal, according to Corbion.

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Sourcing challenges and sustaining a “circular economy”: The supplier view

18 Dec 2018 --- With growing consumer interest in health, sustainability and the ethical aspects of food ingredients, the notion of a “circular economy” and a sustainable supply chain has been in the spotlight this past year. “Circular economy” has been a buzz phrase in 2018 and suppliers are indeed addressing this trend. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with some key suppliers about current sourcing challenges and how these can be overcome.

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