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Opinion Edge: How to Gain a Supplier Sustainable Advantage

01 Jun 2016 ---  Key suppliers offer their thoughts on incorporating sustainability and traceability into their strategy. What is driving calls for clearer labels and greater transparency?

Norevo GmbH


Norevo produces and supplies natural raw materials and specialty ingredients to the food industry (for bakery, confectionery, dairy, fine food, beverage, flavor, snacks applications) as well as for further industrial sectors (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technical and chemo-technical applications, pet food and animal nutrition, wellness and anti-aging products).

A special product line for the confectionery includes gumming, souring, polishing, sealing, anti-sticking agents and a gelatine-free texturant for chewy sweets. Norevo's HQ is located in Hamburg, Germany, and subsidiaries are located in Hungary, China, HongKong, Argentina, and Mexico. 


Norevo's Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum) is offered in pieces, granules, mechanical powder and a special Quick Gum range of purified and quick-soluble Gum Arabic powder.  Gum Arabic is a poly-functional hydrocolloid used as a binding and stabilizing agent, film-building and encapsulating agent, texturant and texture enhancing gum, low-calorie and non-cariogenic candy ingredients, emulsifying agent in a very wide range of industrial applications.

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