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CFF GmbH & Co. KG

Headquartered in Thuringia, CFF GmbH & Co. KG is your strong partner for customer-specific and natural cellulose fibres with a global sales network in many different industries. Our cellulose fibres, exclusively produced from organic and renewable raw materials, are used in road construction, building chemicals, industrial applications, filtration and in the food industry.

The diversity and naturalness of our products is one of the most important factors of our company's success. We achieve a symbiosis of innovative technologies and the fantastic power of nature for various applications. We pursue the consistent target to continuously expand our product and application range at highest quality standards.

Qualified advice for optimised solutions

We do not just see ourselves limited to the role of a producer, but as competent partner for the development of customised cellulose fibres for your individual applications and needs. In close cooperation, we strive to support you with clever solutions and high-quality products according to your targets. We are looking forward to learning more about your requirements.

Profit from our flexibility, know-how and the long experience of our CFF fibre specialists. We will gladly convince you in matters of technology, innovation, quality and service and cooperate with you to improve your products or production process.

Articles On FoodIngredientsFirst


Food Ingredients News  23 August 2017

Innovators target fat reduction resolutions on multiple application platforms

23 Aug 2017 --- Trends continuing to dominate 2017 are clean label ingredients and the reduction of ingredients with negative perceptions and impacts on health. Although there are geographical differences with some ingredients, such as sugar, fat is universally being cut. Across the board food innovators and manufacturers are finding ways to use less of it, substitute it, or use healthier alternatives. You can read the first part of this report here.

Food Ingredients News  21 August 2017

Dietary fiber opportunities for CFF among top consumer trends

21 Aug 2017 --- The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a dietary fiber intake of at least 30g per day. Currently, the average dietary fiber intake among adults in the US is about 15 grams a day. CFF GmbH & Co. KG (CFF) produces natural dietary fiber concentrations that are suitable for dietary fiber enrichment in many food applications.

Technical papers


08 November 2017

Improvement of the bread baking performance of low quality wheat flour with SANACEL® add 030

Based on the current news about quality difference in this harvesting season, CFF GmbH & Co. KG performed trials to evaluate how the use of fibres can improve the flour quality. The flour characterisation was performed by comparing three different types of flours: A reference flour with good baking properties, a low quality flour and a low quality flour enriched with SANACEL® add 030. The characterization clearly shows how fibres can help to improve water absorption and dough performance.

article image

09 August 2017


In this paper the CFF GmbH & Co. KG is introducing their development of clean label vegan burger alternatives without additives, compared to products which are already on the market. In the burger healthy SANACEL® add fibre blends are used. SANACEL® add are natural ingredients with the same or similar functions like food additives, however without E number. The texture analysis as well as the analytical examination of vegetarian and vegan burger patties will show, that it is possible to produce meat-free alternatives without artificial ingredients.

article image

26 October 2016

SANACEL® add Fibre-blends for heart-health-foods

In this paper the CFF GmbH & Co. KG is introducing their study about SANACEL® add 035, a fibre blend especially developed for fat replacement in boiled sausages. A sensorial test, a texture analysis and the analytical examination of the boiled sausages will show that it is possible to produce a healthier product without losing any of its desired properties.

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