Maximizing Yeast's Health Potential

01-Oct-2010 --- Lesaffre Human Care is tresenting a new probiotic yeast, for people suffering from intestinal discomfort and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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Fi Europe 2017: Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Awards – the nominees

16 Nov 2017 --- The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honors professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry. With Fi Europe 2017 fast approaching, FoodIngredientsFirst takes a closer look at some of the award nominees for the Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award. This award gives recognition to an organization or company that has developed the best solution (natural or synthetic) within the last two years for reducing salt, sugar or fat whilst maintaining flavor, texture and functionality of the ingredient replaced. Nominees in other categories will be discussed in the coming days. 

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Symrise continues accelerated pace in Q3, reports sales increase of 6.5 percent

09 Nov 2017 --- Symrise AG has accelerated its growth course in Q3, achieving overall a considerable increase in sales and earnings for the nine-month period. This positive trend was driven by strong demand across all segments. Symrise increased its sales organically by 6.5 percent in the first nine months of the year. Organic growth was particularly dynamic in the third quarter with a plus of 9.1 percent. 

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Kerry reports 4.5 percent revenue lift in Q3

08 Nov 2017 --- Global taste & nutrition and consumer foods group, Kerry, has reported its Q3 results. In the nine months to September 30, 2017 business volumes on a group-wide basis increased by 4.2 percent. Pricing increased by 2 percent against a background of approximately 4 percent higher raw material costs. Reported revenues increased by 4.5 percent reflecting the strong business volume growth, increased pricing, adverse currency translation impact of 1.9 percent, adverse currency transaction impact of 0.3 percent and the effect of acquisitions net of disposals of 0.5 percent.  

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Carlsberg collaborates on AI research into beer flavors and aromas

07 Nov 2017 --- Carlsberg has announced a multi-million-dollar investment in a research study with the purpose of measuring and sensing flavors and aromas in beer. The research study, called “The Beer Fingerprinting Project,” is based on an idea by Jochen Förster, Director and Professor Yeast Fermentation, Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

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Chr. Hansen launches clean label FreshQ cultures to improve shelf life and cut waste

03 Nov 2017 --- With Chr. Hansen’s second generation FreshQ, more dairies can rely on natural freshness and contribute to reducing food waste, according to the company, which has just launched the new product five years after debuting its FreshQ portfolio. Since then FreshQ is claimed to have swept across the global dairy industry and gained recognition for its protective properties against yeast and mold in an all-natural way, playing into the strong consumer preference for clean label.

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