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    Passion fruit as a flavor to watch

    14 November 2017
    Passina sees opportunities for innovation with passion fruit, so its theme for Anuga was “innovation with passion.” It has developed many drinks with passion fruit, including its Detox Smoothie, which also comes in coconut, mango, turmeric and ginger flavors. The trending ingredients of turmeric and ginger help to fight inflammation, and Joyce Ligtvoet says they are not difficult to combine with juices. Passina’s pink lemonade is sweetened with agave syrup in order to make it a lemonade with no added sugar. In addition, this year the company has created chocolates with passion fruit inside and a dairy concept of cheesecake with passion fruit topping. “In some countries, it’s very popular and very common, but I think it can be explored much more in other countries as well,” Ligtvoet says of passion fruit.

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Passina is a company with years of experience in dealing in fruit products - from production, purchasing and quality control to development of tailor-made products.

Passina produce high quality purees, concentrates and juices at fair prices. They guarantee satisfaction using industry standard quality control measures. They purchase raw materials from supplier partners, developing personalized products based on your needs. Their multi-fruit cold blends can also be filled aseptically (commercial sterile) so no refrigeration or preservatives are required.

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Food Ingredients News 03 October 2018

Passina sells Dutch blending operations to Döhler, refocuses on core passion fruit business

03 Oct 2018 --- The Döhler Group and Passina have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Concentra Europe BV (more commonly known in the industry under the “Passina” brand). The move means that the Döhler Group will be the owner of Passina's Dutch and German subsidiaries, as Passina refocuses on its core passion fruit business. No financial details of the deal have been disclosed and the proposed transaction has now been filed with the relevant antitrust authorities. It is conditional upon their approval, according to the company.

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02 November 2015

Trends in Fruits & Vegetables Application

Jochem Niehoff of Passina discusses new trends in fruits & vegetables application, including the use of fruits & vegetables in snacks and new categories.