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Food Ingredients News  09 January 2018

Next-generation sucrose: Tosla project aims to generate 40 percent increased sweetness

09 Jan 2018 --- Tosla’s SLADCORE project aims to reinvent sugar through technology and submission was approved in the latest Phase 1 round in the Horizon 2020 SME Instruments program. The final product will be next-generation sucrose with more than 40 percent increased sweetness and breakthrough plug-n-play sugar manufacturing technology.

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02 January 2018

Reinventing sugar through technology

Tosla is aiming to reinvent sugar and introduced a liquid sugar at FiE 2017 that offers a 30 percent reduction in sugar, 10 percent fewer calories, double the fiber and 20 percent less cooking time. “What Tosla does is instead of going for high sweeteners, stevia and so on; we want to reinvent sugar,” says Olivier Goudineau. Through technology, the company has “made a more efficient sugar with better sweetener properties” that is also 100 percent natural and clean.