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13 Jan 2021
--- FrieslandCampina is switching to fully recycled PET (rPET) bottles for its Fristi, Chocomel, Yazoo and Pöttyös dairy beverages next month. The Dutch multinational dairy cooperative’s previous dairy beverage... Read More
18 Dec 2020
--- A smart sensor that tracks storage temperature and shows the remaining days of shelf life, called Keep It, can help consumers reduce food waste. A study by Wageningen University and Research (WUR) had 1,500 Dutch customers... Read More
15 Dec 2020
--- Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is investing in personalized drinks dispensing technology called Lavit as part of the company’s efforts to reduce single-use packaging. Lavit allows consumers to customize cold... Read More
08 Dec 2020
--- “The entire packaging industry needs to change,” Julia Piechotta, co-founder of Germany-based edible cutlery start-up Spoontainable, tells PackagingInsights. Her start-up provides one piece to the jigsaw puzzle... Read More
19 Nov 2020
--- Ritter Sport is swapping out its standard plastic wrappers for paper-based packaging in a first-time trial. The chocolate company is reintroducing its limited-edition Chocolate & Weed to the Austrian market, now... Read More
08 Oct 2020
--- Cargill and renewable energy company Virent are working together to evaluate the use of Cargill’s corn dextrose as a feedstock for Virent’s BioForming technology, producing raw material for packaging solutions.... Read More
07 Oct 2020
--- William Saurin – a French producer of premium ready meals – and Crown Food Europe are joining together with two Michelin star chef Olivier Bellin to demonstrate a canned ready meal concept. The collaboration... Read More
28 Sep 2020
--- General Mills is pledging to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent over the next decade and slash food waste in half. The commitment entails a strategic focus on regenerative agriculture and aligns... Read More
23 Sep 2020
--- Ocean Spray Cranberries has revealed its latest partnership with waste management company TerraCycle to enable consumers to downcycle Ocean Spray’s flexible plastic and snack packaging into park benches and picnic... Read More
16 Sep 2020
--- SavrPak deploys the laws of physics and thermodynamics to eliminate moisture from a container before its food deteriorates. With at-home deliveries and takeout spiking during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has ramped up... Read More
10 Sep 2020
--- McDonald’s is testing a new reusable cup model for hot beverages in partnership with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service, Loop.
09 Sep 2020
--- PepsiCo is trialling products encoded with invisible digital watermarks for more effective recycling. The technology is pegged as the “holy grail” that will make mechanical sorting more efficient.
08 Sep 2020
--- Nestlé has invested US$30 million in recyclable and reusable packaging alternatives across its company portfolio. In three simultaneous sustainability moves, the company will increase its food-grade recycled plastics... Read More
07 Sep 2020
--- UK design student Holly Grounds has created instant noodle packaging manufactured from an edible and dissolvable potato starch-based film. The solution eliminates the need for single-use plastic sachets. Moreover, spices and... Read More
31 Aug 2020
--- The Dutch government should ramp up efforts to tackle “misleading packaging” claims on food and beverage (F&B) products. This is according to Dutch lobby group Consumentenbond (Consumer Association), who is... Read More
18 Aug 2020
--- In a bid to promote food safety and packaging differentiation on retailer shelves Sidel’s PET bottles have been chosen to carry dairy and dairy beverages. Leveraging its Aseptic Combi Predis technology, ITC Limited... Read More
13 Aug 2020
--- Plant-based nutrition leader Upfield will introduce on-pack carbon labeling on 100 million packs of its spreads, margarines, butters and creams by the end of 2021. The carbon labels are designed to inform consumers about the... Read More
12 Aug 2020
--- Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has adopted CanCollar paperboard-based ring technology for its multipack cans in the Balearic Islands, Spain. The PEFC-certified, recyclable and sustainably-sourced CanCollar replaces the... Read More
26 Jun 2020
--- An Australian-developed technology suite called eBottli has launched with the potential to defend the wine export industry against the booming global trade in counterfeit wines. eBottli delivers a suite of new tracking and... Read More
23 Jun 2020
--- Tetra Pak has launched a “first-of-its-kind” low-energy processing line for juice, nectar and still drinks (JNSD) designed for raising efficiency in beverage processing. The system involves a unique combination... Read More