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26 Nov 2021
--- Researchers have developed jelly-based ice cubes that do not melt, are compostable, antimicrobial and prevent cross-contamination in fresh food packaging. The inventors are touting the solution’s... Read More
23 Nov 2021
--- The Japanese government is introducing new labeling legislation for plant-based food packaging amid efforts to ease restrictions and increase consumer transparency. In a press conference, government minister Taro Kono... Read More
19 Nov 2021
--- Israeli agritech start-up Sufresca has expanded its invisible edible coating for shelf life extension to more fresh produce products. “Our new development of the edible coating is proven to work very well on different... Read More
09 Nov 2021
--- BillerudKorsnäs has designed high-performance secondary packaging for Oatly’s plant-based milk produced at its new Singapore factory. The corrugated box comprises primary fibers, ensuring strength and product... Read More
22 Oct 2021
--- Plant-based meat brand Charley St is launching its chorizo and bolognese alternatives in industrially compostable pouches. “Reducing the consumption of animal-based protein is well understood to reduce carbon... Read More
18 Oct 2021
--- Indian chocolate bar brand Kocoatrait is exceeding the requirements of the country’s mandated Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme by enabling consumers to return their fiber-based bar wrappers directly to the... Read More
07 Oct 2021
--- Tetra Pak is embarking on a new strategic collaboration with connected factory worker platform Poka to accelerate zero waste processes in food manufacturing plants. “Through collaborations like our one with Poka, we... Read More
23 Sep 2021
--- In the US, Bequest Coffee Roasters has developed a method of reducing packaging waste in the coffee supply chain, while preserving the freshness of single-origin beans. Speaking to PackagingInsights about the... Read More
16 Sep 2021
--- PepsiCo is spearheading pep+ (“pep positive”), a refocusing of the company’s key strategic sustainability targets, including prioritizing chickpeas, plant-based proteins and whole grains, while reducing... Read More
03 Sep 2021
--- Tetra Pak’s 22nd annual sustainability report is highlighting the company’s 70 percent greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction in its own operations from 2010 to 2020, Scope 1 and 2. The company also reduced... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- Lidl supermarket is trailing the UK’s new Eco-Score traffic light labeling system in Scotland, helping shoppers understand the sustainability credentials of food and beverage products and their packaging. The scheme... Read More
19 Aug 2021
--- Researchers have developed pasta that packs flat but takes on a 3D form when cooked. This “morphing mechanism” could save an estimated 59 to 86 percent in packaging space during shipping and storage by reducing... Read More
16 Aug 2021
--- air up is the world’s first drinking bottle that flavors water only by scent with the help of retronasal smelling, according to its co-founder Lena Jüngst who speaks exclusively to PackagingInsights. She explains... Read More
10 Aug 2021
--- Consuming filtered tap water provides substantial health and environmental benefits compared to bottled water, according to a study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal).
03 Aug 2021
--- Nexe Innovations is launching plant-based, compostable espresso pods in the US and Canada. In an independent composting study, 90 percent of the new pods broke down within 30 days – the same amount of time an apple... Read More
23 Jul 2021
--- SIG is unveiling an automated robotic sleeve filling magazine – the R-CAM2 – for the F&B industry, which it says will help manufacturers reduce the need for human labor and improve workflow efficiency. Arla... Read More
19 Jul 2021
--- McDonald’s is piloting a reusable coffee cup scheme in partnership with TerraCycle’s reusable packaging service, Loop, to reduce single-use waste to landfills. In a global first for the fast-food giant, six... Read More
25 Jun 2021
--- Swiss food testing company SwissDeCode has launched the “A2 INSIDE Label,” a label intended to help the end consumer identify the efforts of dairy producers in guaranteeing authentic A2 milk products. The move... Read More
14 Jun 2021
--- Scientists have developed a novel way to use plastic waste as a food industry resource by converting post-consumer PET into vanillin via a series of chemical reactions. The team from the University of Edinburgh, UK,... Read More
02 Jun 2021
--- Tetra Pak is calling for more women to join various sectors and management levels in the F&B manufacturing industry, saying innovation can thrive when diverse teams tackle problem-solving. The company’s impetus is... Read More