packaging technology

22 Mar 2023
--- Berlin Packaging is highlighting its carbon-neutral spirit bottles at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) Manufacturing this week in London (March 20-22). PackagingInsights spoke with Mark Crumpton, a specialist... Read More
20 Mar 2023
--- The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) aims to increase the amount of uncut fresh fruit and vegetables sold loose to 30% by the end of 2025 and aims to target 50% by the end of 2030. In 2021, the figure was 15%. The... Read More
13 Mar 2023
--- Young mussels exposed to high levels of plastic microfibers show restricted growth according to a new study by scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory, University of East Anglia and the University of Plymouth, England.... Read More
08 Feb 2023
--- Tetra Pak is launching what it says is “ground-breaking” research to advance fiber-based packaging for F&B applications in collaboration with MAX IV – the most modern synchrotron radiation (the... Read More
03 Feb 2023
--- The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) is calling for additional amendments to be made to the European Commission’s (EC) Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) revisions. The alliance,... Read More
02 Feb 2023
--- France is implementing a law that requires every business selling food and drink products in supermarkets to add new recycling logos. The law officially began in September, but companies were given a grace period until March... Read More
30 Jan 2023
--- Study authors explain that the flavor of milk has changed over time due, in part, to changes in the packaging used to transport milk to the consumer. Light oxidation from transparent containers, as well as scalping and... Read More
19 Jan 2023
--- Researchers in the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have received a US$2.4 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture to create bioplastics from food waste. The “first-of-its-kind”... Read More
09 Jan 2023
--- The British government has confirmed plans to enforce a ban on single-use plastics in England, in line with Scotland and Wales. Items such as disposable plastic cutlery, trays and plates will be outlawed for foodservice... Read More
21 Dec 2022
--- Unilever and Too Good To Go’s latest pilot program allows consumers to have Unilever brands delivered directly to their door via an app, cutting costs and food waste. People can use the app to reserve and pick up... Read More
20 Dec 2022
--- A collection of surveys of consumers in Poland and Spain reveals that a lack of knowledge about food packaging symbols hinders effective disposal practices. The surveys were carried out in partnership with Aarhus University,... Read More
15 Dec 2022
--- BASF and StePac are partnering to develop environmentally sustainable packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. BASF is supplying StePac with its Ultramid Ccycled, a chemically recycled polyamide six, while StePac... Read More
30 Nov 2022
--- Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand has secured The Vegan Trademark for its Sealappeal flexible packaging range, adding to its Vegan Quality certification. The product achieved the same by replacing animal derivatives in the... Read More
21 Nov 2022
--- Nestlé’s Nespresso brand will pilot home-compostable coffee capsules on the Nespresso Original system in France and Switzerland from spring 2023 before further launches in several other European countries within... Read More
02 Nov 2022
--- British online food service company Deliveroo has announced a £2.5 million (US$2.8 million) investment to subsidize the cost of more environmentally sustainable packaging and to encourage restaurant partners to move... Read More
17 Oct 2022
--- Architect Pavels Liepins has designed the Inxect Suit, an ecosystem generated by human body heat where mealworms consume toxic plastic waste. The suit is made from a low-carbon wearable plastic with a dome-shaped terrarium... Read More
04 Oct 2022
--- Food is undoubtedly becoming more and more expensive. With a ballooning global population and food safety moving further into the spotlight, industry is looking at efficient ways to protect resources.
03 Oct 2022
--- A coalition of lawyers and environmental NGOs have put nine “Big Food” corporations – including McDonald’s, Nestlé and Danone – on notice for failing to produce “Duty of... Read More
20 Sep 2022
--- Researchers have found that sub-micron plastics (SMPs) are absorbed by plants, raising concern over the quantity of microplastics that are consumed through the food system. The study showed that the polymer type influences... Read More
13 Sep 2022
--- Swiss equipment manufacturer Bühler is showcasing its latest digital service, branded MontBlanc, which measures and recommends to beer producers the appropriate fan speed for kilning their barley. The technology is on... Read More