Reduced Sodium Solutions

Jun 2022

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the kinds of ingredients they are consuming. Although the goal to reduce sodium intake becomes more important to consumers, it cannot be achieved through reducing table salt alone. Therefore, the food industry continues to launch cooking solutions that reduce the sodium content. Sauces and Seasonings are one of the fastest growing food categories between 2017 and 2021 globally.


Oceans Balance Lemon Pepper Seaweed Seasoning (United States) Lemon pepper seaweed seasoning in a 65.2g glass jar. No salt added. All-natural. Gluten-free. Suitable for vegans. Glass jars are 100% recyclable. BPA-free lid. A flavorful seasoning made with Maine seaweed. Regenerative Maine seaweed combined with lemon and pepper makes a zesty, salt-free seasoning. The clean taste of Maine. A tasty way to include vitamin and mineral-rich seaweed in the diet.