Meat free tastes: Flexitarian trend

May 2018

The increased demand for plant-based diets has resulted in a diverse range of product innovation which targets vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers. The trend represents a growing opportunity for high-quality meat alternatives, which is also reflected in the 11 percent average annual growth in global meat substitute launches recorded between 2013 and 2017. A desire to cut down on meat, rather than cutting it out altogether, has given rise to growing numbers of consumers who identify themselves “flexitarians.” These consumers regularly swap meat for plant-based proteins, for environmental and ethical reasons, and generally prefer quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing meat.


Vivera: 100% Vegetal Chicken Pieces (Netherlands). 100 percent vegetal chicken pieces, in a 175g plastic tray held in a cardboard sleeve. E-number free. High protein and high fiber. With only natural flavors. Fat-free. Suitable for vegetarian. GMO free.