NPD in action: Savory Trends

Aug 2020

Savory flavors such as chili, cheese and garlic are staple favorites across the globe and are tracked in a range of different market categories. Emerging savory flavors such as Himalayan salt (+184%) truffle mushrooms (+39%) and smoked (+26%) are among the fastest growing flavors that cater to consumers preferring a more savory experience (Global, CAGR 2015-2019).  


Grefusa Snatt’s Pea Snack with 3 Cheese and Olives (Spain). Baked pea snack with 3 cheese and black olive flavor, in a plastic packet. 3 cheeses and olives. Natural ingredients. Not fried. Without palm oil. Gluten free. Fiber source. Sunflower oil. Without preservatives or artificial colors. Snacks with a plus. Green Dot Certified. Recyclable packaging.