From luxurious to raw: Chocolate NPD

Oct 2018

While indulgent flavors and textures remain key drivers in chocolate NPD, the quest for cleaner and lighter chocolate continues with confectioners launching more options featuring clean label, sugar reduction and ‘thin’ claims. Vegan claims in chocolate are gaining momentum with a CAGR of +47 percent globally over the past five years. Furthermore, chocolate NPD experiences a colorful wave of ruby, blond and matcha tea chocolate.

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  • Nestle Kitkat Mini Moments Desserts (Saudi Arabia). Fifteen pieces of a unique variety of wafer fingers filled with rich ingredients covered with milk chocolate with cherry brownie, crème brûlée, strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu flavors. Cherry brownie: an exquisite fusion of cherry blast and rich dark cream. Crème brûlée: a dazzling suave cream with caramel flakes. Tiramisu: fascinating with the smooth gush of rich tiramisu. Strawberry cheesecake: glamorous with its superb infusion of strawberry and cheese cream. Nestle Cocoa Plan. Green Dot Certified.

Zesty flavor combinations: Dairy trends

Oct 2018

Today’s consumers are seeking dairy products that offer the best of all worlds. New dairy launches increasingly carry health and clean label claims, without compromising in convenience or taste. Beyond traditional sweet flavor profiles, savory and spicy flavors are making their way into dairy, including exciting pairings like champagne rhubarb and mango habanero. 

Tantalize the taste buds: Creative flavor trends

Sep 2018

Food and beverage manufacturers are getting creative with flavors. Bowls have emerged as smart carriers for mixing and matching flavors and textures while ethnic tastes are on the rise, calling for spicy, smoked and hot flavors. Alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea NPD have also led to new levels of flavor sophistication. As consumers are increasingly seeking natural and minimally processed foods, products with floral, botanical, nut and vegetable traces emerge, often alongside honey and syrups for a hint of natural sweetness.