NPD in action: Sports nutrition

Feb 2021

Consumers are seeking products that support their active lifestyle; Sports Nutrition is hence a growing market. Although the global Sports Nutrition category was led by Sports Powders in 2020, innovation is also seen in spreads, drinks, porridge and even coffee with sport enhancing claims. Vegan and Keto claims are also gaining ground within Sports Nutrition.


About Time Vegan Isolate Protein Dietary Supplement Powder with Natural Vanilla Flavor (US). About Time Vegan protein is a unique plant-based protein blend formulated with peas, pumpkins, and brown rice to give you 21 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is only 120 calories with 3g of carbs and is naturally sweetened with stevia. Perfect for breakfast smoothies, a healthy protein-packed vegan friendly snack, or refueling post-workout shake. Comes in a 908g plastic jar. Infused with coconut oil powder. Sweetened with stevia. Digestive enzyme blend. Gluten and soy-free. Natural product. Suitable for vegans. Promotes weight loss. 0g animal fat. Rich in plant-based iron. Cholesterol and fat-free. Sugar-free. Recyclable packaging.