NPD in action: Upcycling Ingredients

Jul 2021

Food waste remains a global concern. As food companies invest in sustainability by creating value from by-products, global food and beverage products with upcycled ingredients are increasing with an average annual growth of +54% from 2016 to 2020. Upcycled ingredients such as chicken, apple, carrot, banana, onion, tomato and garlic are showing rapid growth (Global, CAGR 2016-2020).


Dash Soda Water Infused with Wonky Limes and Garden Mint (United Kingdom). Sparkling spring water with limes and garden mint extract and natural flavorings. Comes in a 200ml aluminum can. Premium soda water infused with real, wonky fruit. Made for mixing with flavors to lift your spirits. Contains no sugar and no sweeteners.