What goes around, comes around: Circular economy and waste reduction

Feb 2018

Contributing to a circular economy and waste reduction is both a challenge and an opportunity for food and beverage businesses. From start-ups to multinationals, environment positioning is paramount. This can be achieved by reducing resource input, waste and emissions, adopting sustainable practices and impact compensation programs. How to preserve the value of resources with as little impact on the environment as possible while capitalizing on disruptions within the industry is the key to a sustainable yet profitable business. 


Continente Carrot Jam (Portugal). Made from 100% healthy surpluses. Several 100% healthy foods are wasted daily. To prevent the spoiling of tons of surplus food, we turn them into delicious flavors like this sweet. A delicious way to help the planet. When you finish do not throw me out, use me for the aromatic herbs. Circular economy product. Green Dot Certified. Recyclable packaging. Prepared with 54g of fruit per 100g jam.