Riga Food 2023

Duration:07 Sep 2023 - 09 Sep 2023
Event:Riga Food 2023
Location:Riga, Latvia
Organizer:BT 1
Email: rolands.nezborts@bt1.lv
Website: https://www.bt1.lv/rigafood/eng/
Event Details:

The biggest in the Baltics food industry fair “Riga Food” yearly outlines the trends of the food industry development, highlights novelties and presents a number of serious and trustable enterprises. Everybody is welcome to Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to draw inspiration from diversity of menu ideas, to taste new products, to watch and enjoy professional chef, pastry cook and bartender competitions. Moreover, we invite professionals to “Riga Food” to derive ideas, knowledge and information allowing further professional and business development.

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Scientist's hand working in the lab.


Digital olfaction: Biosensor platform employs AI to mimic insects’ sense of smell to boost food safety

04 Oct 2023 --- New Zealand-based Scentian Bio has secured US$ 2.1 million in funding for making smell and taste digitization a reality by harnessing the potential of insect-level smell and taste... Read More

A hand is holding a smartphone in front of cows in a farm, with information showing on the screen.


Smaxtec advances dairy farming through AI-powered mastitis detection

04 Oct 2023 --- US-based software company Smaxtec is introducing artificial intelligence capabilities for managing dairy cows’ health. The company’s new system, Truadvice, offers... Read More

A piece of filet is put on top of a bowl of noodle.


Umiami secures funding to drive global expansion in plant-based meat alternatives

03 Oct 2023 --- Umiami, a French food tech company, has closed a €32.5 million (US$ 34.7 million) financing round. The funding is set to bolster the industrialization of its... Read More


Harnessing Ginkgo Bioworks’ strain optimization platform to enhance “meatiness” of mycoprotein

03 Oct 2023 --- German start-up Nosh.bio and Ginkgo Bioworks have unveiled a partnership designed to further leverage mycoprotein as a key ingredient in plant-based foods that delivers a rich,... Read More

Two businessman.


Spanish project rewards start-ups for upcycling algae, extending shelf life and vertical farming robots

02 Oct 2023 --- The Spain Foodtech Program, a start-up acceleration initiative led by Eatable Adventures in collaboration with the National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) and the... Read More


Synergy Flavors explores “generational impacts” of flavor innovation

29 Sep 2023 --- At IFT FIRST, Synergy Flavors highlighted its Next Wave consumer trends, which uncover the mainstream acceptance of alternative foods. Alexandre Massumoto, marketing specialist, explains how brands can appeal to digital-oriented consumers and how a globalized world is impacting flavor innovations. He highlights a growing interest in Hispanic-inspired and Asian flavors within the American market as cultural lines blur.


Ingredion culinologist recreates treats in healthier formats

22 Sep 2023 --- Taking a cue from vibrant, big cities like New York, Ingredion has developed lower sugar and gluten-free fusion food concepts. Global culinologist Maru Harris bridges authentic Korean flavors with a “Waffle House experience” with a snow cheese-fried chicken on a biscuit prototype drizzled with barley tea syrup. Crisp and creamy hummus fries were also on display with a 50% fat-reduced white garlic sauce.


Exotic flavors inspire innovation beyond beverages

18 Sep 2023 --- At IFT FIRST, Sensegen showcased its collection around exotic flavors and bio-based molecules. Natasha D’Souza, VP of flavors and consumer experience, explains how the company’s ingredients can develop natural products that appeal to today’s adventurous consumers. The exotic range includes guava, papaya, lychee, yuzu, dragon fruit and violet. Sensegen delivers these flavor concepts through various applications, including chocolate and beverages.


Cargill: Reducing sugar by cutting bitter tastes in cocoa

26 Jul 2023 --- Chocolate beverages can now contain less sugar while still maintaining the same perception of sweetness. Nick Gauger, technical services innovation consultant for cocoa and chocolate at Cargill, explains how Gerkens Sweety cocoa powders are processed to achieve a darker, richer color and taste with less bitter notes. 


Sweegen’s brazzein peptide hits sweet-umami receptors for flavor modulation

19 Jul 2023 --- Brazzein stands out for its ability to modulate flavors, bringing out tonalities in lemon-lime and umami in tomato-based products. The protein is now commercially available as a natural flavor following approval from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association. Casey McCormick, VP of global innovation, delves into Sweegen’s latest offering in its Sweetensify Flavors range.