Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Asia

Duration:28 Nov 2022 - 30 Nov 2022
Event:Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Asia
Location:7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore
Event Details:

The focus of the plant-based foods & proteins ecosystems will be on the acceleration of connectivity between value chains. How to connect more consumers, retailers, food-service operators, brands, ingredient & technology suppliers, research institutes, universities, growers, breeders, finance and venture capital providers, and other key stakeholders such as regional, national, and international (N)GO’s? All actors are ready to play a part in the protein transition. So, what is needed to accelerate? A joint mission, a shared vision, a working plan? The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 are the end goals. The protein transition can have a major impact on the following goals:

- Zero Hunger: Great impact can be achieved globally, in the developed and lesser-developed world, when plant-based foods become more affordable. 

- Good Health and Well-Being: A transition to a plant-based foods diet and nutrition will contribute to better health and well-being

- Responsible Consumption and Production: Sustainable plant-based food production systems and diets can contribute to a healthier planet

- Climate Action: Shifting animal-based consumption and production system to plant-based have a much higher impact on climate compared to the currently used tools to mitigate the temperature increase on our planet

- Life on Land: A higher consumption of plant-based foods can free up valuable land for nature

The 2022 Bridge2Food Summits Goals are to:

1. Provide key insights on how to accelerate connectivity in the plant-based foods & protein value chains

2. Define the Global Research Investment Agenda

3. Bring together the key value chain leaders to share visions and define a joint mission 

4. Connect all stakeholders

5. Drive collaboration efforts

Each Summit will contribute to the SDG’s by focussing on the following themes:

- Affordability

- Healthy Diets & Nutrition

- Delicious Foods

- Sustainability

These themes will be part of focussed Summit Tracks like:

Track I: Consumer & Industry Challenges

Track II: Delicious Food Innovations & Sustainable Process Innovations

Fantastic annual plant-based foods & protein industry networking platform

Target audience: Retail, Food Service, Food Brands, Food Ingredients, Food Processing, Research Institutes, Universities, VC & Accelerators 

> Thought Leading Speakers & Panels

> Networking Breaks with Business Meetings & Live

> Participation: 250-300+ Experts

> Exhibition: 50 places.

> 50+ Speakers & Panels

> 3,000+ Network Connections

> Past Summit rating: 8.6

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