Free From Food & Health Ingredients Amsterdam

Duration:21 Nov 2023 - 22 Nov 2023
Event:Free From Food & Health Ingredients Amsterdam
Location:RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organizer:Expo Business Communications
Event Details:

The 11th edition of the Free From Food Expo will take place on 21-22 November 2023 in RAI Amsterdam. This yearly European event promises to be the most focused, dynamic, and exciting Free From Food edition yet!

This trendy retail & food service trade fair is leading in providing insight into the most important food lifestyle trends as well as what will be on the shelves five years from now. During Free From Amsterdam 2023, hundreds of international manufacturers and brands within the food & beverage industry will present their newest product innovations. Relevant products that are ready to be placed on the supermarket and foodservice shelves, as well as on the menus within the catering & hospitality industry. Throughout the Free From Expo & Conference Amsterdam 2023, thousands of food professionals will visit more than three hundred exhibitors within two days. Additionally, more than sixty international and local keynote speakers will answer questions such as: What does the consumer want? What products connect to this and which parties can make these products? The trade show provides speed and efficiency in developing the right products and a shelf fill that actually meets the demand of the increasingly conscious consumer.

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A microscope surrounded by a variety of meat products.


Synonym advances research into gas fermentation for food production after netting funding

08 Dec 2023 --- Synonym, a New York-based biomanufacturing firm developing and funding infrastructure for what it calls the “biorevolution” in food, nets funding from Open Philanthropy... Read More

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Thrive unveils alcohol-free, vitamin-enriched beer “that makes you healthier”

07 Dec 2023 --- Belgium-based beer company Thrive launches a healthy beer, Thrive Play, that contains ten vitamins, including 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D3 and all B vitamins... Read More

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Faith and diet: Religion’s modern influence shaping future foodscapes

07 Dec 2023 --- With the intersection of lifestyle and diet being the crux of food innovation, plant-based proponents are drawing ties with tenets of the Catholic faith in an appeal to Pope Francis... Read More

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Trans-vaccenic acid in red meat and dairy enhances anti-tumor immunity, research reveals

05 Dec 2023 --- New research reveals that a long-chain fatty acid — trans-vaccenic acid (TVA) — found in meat and dairy products enhances immune cell function and anti-tumor immunity in... Read More

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Sustainable cereals: GoodMills Innovation spotlights a spectrum of plant-based ingredients at FiE 2023

04 Dec 2023 --- During Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) last week, cereal expert GoodMills Innovation highlighted the increasing demand for plant-based solutions, particularly the rise in calls for... Read More


ADM at “forefront of plant-based market” with new technology and advancements in taste and functionality

08 Dec 2023 --- We spoke with Bastian Hörmann about the evolving plant-based ingredient trend, gut health and well-being and emerging tech like precision fermentation. He notes that plant-based is still the future of nutrition despite facing some roadblocks. The company showcased a plant-based corndog with an authentic meat taste and other innovations that deliver on sustainability and are a good source of protein.


GoodMills Innovation: Nourishing for a better plant-based future

07 Dec 2023 --- Katharina Haack talks innovating in the plant-based space with the company's Vitatex texturates based on wheat, pea and soy for creating meat and fish alternatives. Wheat germ concentrates, made from upcycled ingredients supporting healthy aging, were also discussed. She also highlighted new 'release flours' which target cost efficiency and the health of employees in the bakery sector.  


Meurens Natural highlights sustainability and multifunctionality of ingredients at Free From Food 2023 

28 Nov 2023 --- At the recent Free From Food expo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Meurens Natural presented its ranges of cereal syrups, powders and proteins. The company’s sales and marketing manager, Tim van de Gehuchte, detailed how its plant-based ingredients can add color, taste and texture. He also addresses sustainability goals, sourcing local cereals and upcycling waste materials from oat ingredients production.


Free From Food 2023: Döhler spotlights natural superheroes in gut health 

27 Nov 2023 --- Christine von Brunn, product manager of health at Döhler, highlights the company’s growing focus on gut health and natural superheroes — pheto-actives from nature. Döhler also promoted a new concept: probiotic cultures in a fruit granulate format and emphasizes the continued demand for natural, clean label and multifunctional ingredients. 


Taste meets technology: Ingredion showcases fortified drinks and gluten-free gummies

22 Nov 2023 --- At SupplySide West 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, we spoke with Janae Kuc, the senior marketing manager, beverage at Ingredion and Gabriel Pereira, the senior manager, business development at Kerr by Ingredion. Kuc detailed the fortified beverages, including a lemon juice concentrate beverage leveraging allulose and Reb M and a pea and rice protein isolate beverage in vanilla flavor with texturizer. Pereira explained the collaborative reduced-sugar, gluten-free gummy with cherry flavor and beet juice for color.